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Actors and Designers needed for "8 Short Plays"

Sarah Jacklin and Theresa Columbus are directing a play called "8 Short Plays" written by Columbus, playing for the first 3 weekends in July at the Mercury Theater (description at the end of this post). We are holding auditions this month; please message [email protected] if you'd like to set up an audition or if you would like to be considered for one of our designer positions:

Production Manager-

The production manager will guide and implement the technical elements of "8 Short Plays." The needs of this role may grow or shrink depending on the skills of the designers involved.

Stage Manager/Dramaturg

The stage manager should have experience with stage shows, and their aim should be to A.) organize a rehearsal calendar B.) make daily calls to actors, and keep track of actor conflicts C.) strategize rehearsals to make the most of actor time D.) implement fair end of rehearsal times, break times, etc E.) keep notes on set blocking and staging decisions F.) be available for live shows to work door and “call the show” using QLab and The Mercury Theater’s light board.

Lighting Designer

The lighting designer will be available to see design runs of the show, prepare the lighting plot, and hang and program lights. They must be responsive to the director’s vision to establish mood, texture, punctuation to scenes, and be familiar with QLab. They may be required to collaborate with the sound designer and production manager.

Set Designer/Builder

The set designer will create a proscenium stage inside the Mercury Black Box Theater and assist the costume designer with larger props. The ideal set designer would have strong architectural building skills, knowledge of the mechanics of technical theater, and a portfolio of design work that encompasses building, scenic painting, and mural design.

Costume and Prop Designer

The costume and prop designer will have a portfolio which shows their eccentric style and expressive use of color. The designer should be organized, available to watch rehearsals and take note of actor needs, and be able to source and fabricate fascinating objects and costumes. They will clothe the continual flow of main and bit characters throughout this show.

Sound Designer/Musical Director

This person should be familiar with QLab to program sound cues, and have experience composing music to be performed with voice. This individual will write music for the show and instruct and coach actors to sing. They may be asked to collaborate with the lighting designer and technical director.

Live Musicians

Live musicians will collaborate with writer and sound designer/musical director.

Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator will help generate press releases and other text to promote the show, oversee a small budget to place targeted facebook ads, and oversee the creation printing, and hanging of print posters and flyers in Baltimore, and schedule photographic and video documentation of the show.

Description of the play:

Theresa Columbus is collaborating with Sarah Jacklin to produce and direct "8 Short Plays." The central conceit of the piece is that the audience is watching a surreal vaudevillian variety show: as varied as performance art to classic song n' dance numbers, or avant-garde theater to Sunday morning comics. Often poetry in dialogue, the plot is held together with a wild emotional logic. The ensemble brings to life passionate stories in which characters explore their relationships to art, their peers, and themselves. The curtain opens on eight distinct acts; but when the curtain closes, the play continues, fleshing out the inner-lives of the performers as they fumble towards intimacy and wonder. In the process, traditional forms are celebrated, taken apart, and reinvented.

Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
Please send a resume and/or description of your experience.

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