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Arts Every Day seeks Resident Teaching Artist Fellows

Arts Every Day is proud to open recruitment for eight Resident Teaching Artist Fellows, who will join us from May 2022 - April 2023 in the inaugural year of the Baltimore Arts Integration Project, a US Department of Education-funded initiative. Resident Teaching Artist Fellows selected to join Arts Every Day commit to participating in all scheduled aspects of the program from May 2022 - April 2023.

About Arts Every Day

Arts Every Day is proud to be a driving force in building and sustaining a Baltimore City that values public education through creativity, art, and culture. We advocate for and support sequential arts education while working to empower educators as leaders within their school communities. In partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, Arts Every Day works to ensure that students have a seat at the opera, feet in the museum and a teaching artist in their classroom. Not only are Baltimore City Schools’ students the artists and arts patrons of tomorrow; they are the leaders and decision makers upon which our City’s future will depend.


Through arts-based learning, we envision that all Baltimore City Schools’ communities will serve as centers for innovation, collaboration, and partnership.


Arts Every Day strengthens learning by making arts education and cultural experiences an integral part of classroom instruction for all students. Serving as a catalyst for creative learning in Baltimore City Public Schools, Arts Every Day builds and sustains long-term partnerships with schools, artists, and cultural institutions while working to connect and empower teachers as leaders within their school communities.

Arts Every Day Baltimore Arts Integration Project

The Baltimore Arts Integration Project (BAIP) seeks to transform teaching practice in Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPSS) by providing high-quality, multi-faceted professional development to teachers in arts integration utilizing the Brain Targeted Teaching® Model developed by Dr. Mariale Hardiman of the Johns Hopkins University Neuro-Education Initiative.

This is done by:

  1. Developing a bank of Virtual Arts Integration Professional Learning modules that are rooted in the pedagogical framework of the Brain Targeted Teaching Model and based on specific units in Baltimore City Public Schools curriculum
  2. Cultivating a high-quality professional learning community of BCPSS classroom teachers who share best practices, collaborate across schools, and develop and share arts integrated model lessons and exemplars
  3. Creating an evergreen library of resources to support arts integrated teaching, learning, and evaluation.

By providing participating educators with direct coaching in arts integration, an intensive summer training conference, and ongoing convenings throughout the school year, AED is working to transform the teaching practice of Baltimore City Public Schools. We aim to create a classroom culture where every student can learn and express their knowledge through artistic and creative practice. BAIP is underwritten by a five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Resident Teaching Artist Fellows

Classification: Part-time, exempt

Type: Contract

Reports to: Director of School Programs and Learning

Salary: $50/hr, not to exceed $25,000/year

Ideal Start Date: May 1, 2022

Resident Teaching Artist Fellows (RTAFs) are key partners in Arts Every Day’s development of training content for Baltimore teachers through the Baltimore Arts Integration Project. As long-term collaborators, RTAFs commit to a yearly cycle of training; curriculum development together with a designated partner from a core subject area (Core Subject Teaching Specialists); and content delivery through filmed modules, in-person workshops, and collaborative co-teaching/teacher mentorship. This includes a program of learning around the Brain Targeted Teaching® Model, a teaching pedagogy that is based on recent developments in neuro-education. This work will result in a growing library of accessible, relevant, and research-informed professional development courses in arts integration for Baltimore City teachers. In this, the first implementation year of BAIP, our arts integrated content creation will focus on English-Language Arts modules in the Wit & Wisdom curriculum used by Baltimore City Public Schools.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Brain Targeted Teaching

  • Attend the Brain Targeted Teaching Intensive from July 11-22, 2022, led by Dr. Mariale Hardiman and a team of Brain Targeted Teaching experts
  • Learn about the pedagogy’s six Brain Targets and how they can be embraced in teaching practice
  • Together with your designated core subject teaching partner, develop a concept map and an arts-integrated learning unit based on a Wit & Wisdom module of your choice, using the Brain Targeted Teaching Model

Curriculum Development

  • Together with your core subject teaching partner, expand the learning and planning work accomplished in the Brain Targeted Teaching Intensive into a professional development training course for teachers. Develop support materials and course activities, and outline segments to be filmed. Please note that course concepts and materials developed by your team cannot be the intellectual property of another organization.
  • Work with Arts Every Day’s video and media partner to film video presentations for the course
  • Over the course of the fall and spring, convene with your teaching partner to develop two additional concept maps, arts-integrated learning units, and training courses based on different Wit & Wisdom modules. Submit course materials and film video segments with a media partner.
  • Orientation and training in Wit & Wisdom curriculum will be provided

Summer Arts Integration Conference

  • At Arts Every Day’s August Arts Integration Conference, develop and lead one Studio Session workshop for teacher attendees. Studio Sessions are live art-making sessions in a teaching artist’s chosen artistic medium, with the goal of increasing teachers’ comfort with artistic fields and developing skills they can use in arts integrated lessons in the classroom.
  • Participate in a keynote panel discussion with your teaching partner as well as other RTAFs and their Core Subject Teacher Specialist partners

Professional Learning Communities

  • In the course of the school year, develop and lead one Studio Session workshop for teachers grouped in a professional learning community
  • Support learning in the arts and creative making skills for non-arts teachers in PLCs

Artist-Teacher Collaborative

  • Engage in collaborative co-teaching with select teachers enrolled in the Baltimore Arts Integration Project
  • Act as mentor in your artistic field, helping non-arts teachers to develop arts integrated lessons and projects
  • Collaboratively develop and present arts integrated residencies with program participants

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in orientation and planning meetings as needed
  • Assist with data collection for program evaluation
  • Participate in year-end reflection to report on program efficacy and to support continual improvement of the Baltimore Arts Integration Project

Required Participation

Participating as a Resident Teaching Artist Fellow involves substantial activities that will occur in person, pending health restrictions and recommendations. Baltimore City Public Schools currently requires all community partners to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result shortly before engaging in work in a school. Arts Every Day strongly recommends following CDC guidelines on vaccination and booster shots for everyone eligible.

RTAFs commit to participating in all scheduled activities as listed below, in addition to completing planning, and curriculum writing, outside of formal meetings:

Cohort Onboarding: Introduction to Baltimore Arts Integration Project, AED policies & procedures; cohort pair introductions

  • May 2022
  • 1 half day

Artist Fellow Trainings on Wit & Wisdom curriculum

  • June 2022
  • 1 full day

Cohort pairs select first Wit & Wisdom module they will work within

  • June 2022
  • 1 half day

Brain Targeted Teaching intensive training and unit planning

  • July 11-22, 2022
  • 10 full days
    • Phase 1: broad introduction to neuro-education and developing a BTT unit concept map
    • Phase 2: developing arts integrated lessons and activities based on the concept map

BTT Phase 3: developing a PD training module incorporating work from Phases 1 and 2

  • August 8-12, 2022
  • 5 full days

Filming of 1st PD training module and delivery of supporting curricular materials

  • September 2022
  • 5 full days

Writing Intensive with Cohort pairs for second unit/training module

  • October 2022
  • 5 full days

Filming of 2nd PD training module and delivery of supporting curricular materials

  • December 2022
  • 5 full days

Writing Intensive with Cohort pairs for third unit/training module

  • March 2023
  • 5 full days

Filming of 3rd PD training module and delivery of supporting curricular materials

  • April 2023
  • 5 full days

Lead two Studio Sessions over the course of the summer and school year

  • TBD
  • 2 full days

Participate in a year-end evaluation and planning retreat.

  • April 2023
  • 1 full day

Artist-Teacher Collaborative work in schools

  • TBD
  • Varies, up to 18 full days

Minimum Education and Experience:

Expertise in an artistic field (within the general classifications of visual arts, music, theater, media arts or dance), arts integration, and significant experience working as a teaching artist in schools required. Previous experience creating arts-based professional development workshops for teachers is highly desirable, as is working knowledge of the principles of arts integration.

Skills and Attributes:

  • Passion for arts in the classroom and for developing creative connections to core subject learning goals
  • Attention to detail and reliability in following through on tasks and communications
  • Comfort appearing on screen; experience presenting for the camera is desirable
  • Collaborative approach to projects and enthusiasm for co-work with a core subject teaching partner
  • Strong commitment to arts equity in Baltimore City and demonstrated belief in the mission and values of Arts Every Day
Salary Range
Part-Time/Hourly $20,000 - $30,000
Employer Name:
Arts Every Day
Job Title:
Resident Teaching Artist Fellows
Employer Website:
Employer Contact Information:
Angela Marroy Boerger, Director of Schools Programs and Learning, [email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
Please apply online at: For best consideration, please complete your application by February 18, 2022. You will be asked to share a personal statement, a sample lesson plan, an online portfolio of your art or sample documents, a reference statement from two teachers you have collaborated with, contact information for 3 references in education, and preferably a video example of your teaching.
Benefit Package
Part-time, contract position

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