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The Counter-Narrative Show

The Counter-Narrative Show


Overall Purpose:

The purpose of the show is to provide a critical examination of society and culture through the intersectional lens of race, gender, and class; more specifically it seeks to provide a COUNTER-NARRATIVE. The Show encourages a reflective assessment and critique of unique standpoints and their potential contribution to popular discourse.


> To provide a space that will allow for a counter-narrative to the rhetoric about communities of color from one of deficiency to one that celebrates them and put them at the center of their own critique.

> Increase cultural humility, compassion, and knowledge of how different demographical intersections impact lived-experiences.

> Enhance the growing body of knowledge at the demographical intersections.

What can you expect from the COUNTER-NARRATIVE?

Quality conversations about critical issues in communities of color, with guests who don’t just talk about the problem they are active in finding solutions. Guest share their lived experiences, insights, information, opinions and personal narratives.

Who is this show for?:

> Critical Thinkers, Coffee Drinkers & The Generally Curious

> For those who are tired of one-sided single narratives in popular discourse.

> For those who are genuinely interested in hearing from a perspective other than their own.

Why this is Important

Although there are a plethora of voices and experiences that make up the fabric of life; most frequently the stories and narratives that are shared, distributed and held up as representative are anything but that. In this, we run the risk of what Chimamanda Ngozi Adachie refers to as “the danger of a single story“.

Holding up a single story, or a single voice as representative of all without taking into account the context of social positioning and identity in the radicalized context that is America is at its very least to tell an incomplete story and at its very worst it leads to the symbolic annihilation of many populations of people who are erased or mischaracterized by the sharing of a single narrative from a standpoint that lacks contextual, cultural or even the historical lens necessary for true understanding.

The primary goals of the show are to: Decentralize normative culture in the critique of marginalized populations Remove the ethnocentric gaze through which we examine life and collect and share diverse stories Amplify the voices of our guest and provide a COUNTER-NARRATIVE based in lived experiences

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Repeats weekly Saturday -- until Saturday July 25, 2020.


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