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Growing Our Gardens

Growing Our Gardens

Living Altar:

Growing Our Gardens

Friday, April 8-Saturday, May 28

Motor House

Honor those lost through this pandemic and beyond. Resist through celebration. And contribute to a living memory of the resilience, cultural power, and beauty of Asian culture. This interactive healing and art space pays homage to the importance of ritual and ceremony throughout the Asian diaspora and serves as a proactive communal container to celebrate pride and heritage, process and memorialize grief, and connect with each other.

On opening day (April 8), visitors are welcomed to bring items to place on the altar that hold importance or meaning to them (such as fruit, incense, or flowers). Throughout the Asia North 2022 festival (April 8-May 28) visitors are invited to reimagine a better world, reflect on their hopes and dreams for that world, and scatter provided seed paper flowers on the altar.

Plant your dreams together with us on May 21, when we will plant the seed paper from this altar, so the plants and the memories and wishes they represent can continue to survive, thrive, and support us along the way.

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday through Friday, Noon-2pm and 7-10pm. During happy hours and events.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol: Motor House is operating at 50% capacity with a building-wide mask mandate. Staff, clients, and guests must wear a mask at all times within the building unless actively eating/drinking. Please do your best to distance yourself from others while eating/drinking

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