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Barbara Dale Retrospective Exhibition Opening

Barbara Dale Retrospective Exhibition Opening

Join us for the exhibition opening!

Stepping into Baltimore-based cartoonist Barbara Dale’s studio, Peale chief curator Jeffrey Kent was truly awed by the experience as he witnessed Barbara's effortless utilization of various mediums in her creative practice, including pastel chalk, lithographs, ceramics, paint, pencil, ink, etc.

Barbara Dale's artistic journey began with a modest inheritance of $500 from her grandfather. With this seed money, she ventured into the world of printing and created Dale Cards in 1979—a line of alternative greeting cards known for their wit and edginess.

Dale firmly holds the belief that commercial art is just as valuable as fine art, considering both to be equally significant creative practices without a clear distinction between them. In this exhibition, you will encounter ten thought-provoking themes, each approached in a unique manner that is sure to ignite meaningful conversations and provoke laughter. With her unparalleled perspective, Barbara explores a wide range of topics, including women's issues, the fragility of life and the life cycle, food and sex, commentary on art itself, character-driven narratives and relationships, self-portraits, the juxtaposition of objects, political and social justice commentary, the exploration of reality versus illusion, and the similarities between commercial and fine art.

***It is important to note that this exhibition contains explicit material, including nudity, explicit sexual content, and strong language. We have made a deliberate choice not to censor any of these elements throughout the exhibition. As a result, we kindly request that you proceed with caution, especially if you have children accompanying you. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the show.

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Kim Domanski

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Saturday, June 17, 2023, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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