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Eastern Boundary Quartet at An die Musik

Eastern Boundary Quartet at An die Musik

In-person and livestream tickets available! $10 for students with valid ID!

The EASTERN BOUNDARY Quartet is a collaborative quartet featuring the Hungarian master musicians drummer Balazs Bagyi and saxophonist Mihaly Borbely and the long-standing bass/piano partnership of New York City bassist Joe Fonda and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens (co-leaders of the Fonda/Stevens Group). Since 2007 the quartet has toured Europe three times and the United States twice. The Quartet will be touring Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee in November, 2014. The group has released three CDs. Their latest CD “Live at DeWerf” was recorded at a live concert in Brugge, Belgium in September 2011.

In 2007 Hungarian musicians Balazs Bagyi and Mihaly Borbely and USA musicians Joe Fonda and Michael jefry Stevens formed the Eastern Boundary Quartet. The group uses Hungarian folk rhythms and melodies in combination with Jazz harmonies and rhythms to form an original "hybrid" improvised music.

The Eastern Boundary Quartet performs original music by all members of the group. The band was formed with the imagination of connecting two worlds of the jazz scene today. This unique collaboration is a mixture of avant-garde jazz and ethno music from Hungary, like a cultural bridge between the USA and Eastern-Europe. This bridge is made of talent, respect, brotherhood and friendship, built by the common language of jazz and improvised music.

Joe Fonda, bass
Michael Jefry Stevens, piano
Mihaly Borbely, woodwinds
Balazs Bagyi, drums

Event Contact

An die Musik
410 385 2638

Event Details

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


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