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Baltimore Holy S#!T: An Unforgettable Comedy Tour on a Boat!

Baltimore Holy S#!T: An Unforgettable Comedy Tour on a Boat!

Welcome to Baltimore Holy S#!T - the greatest comedy tour in the greatest city in America.

Join us for a hilarious voyage around the inner harbor where we'll explore Baltimore's history, landmarks, most ridiculous people, and get to know each other through the lens of two very weird, very funny Highwire Improv hosts.

You'll get real history, realer laughs, and the realest look at Baltimore - not some grubby pamphlet with the same old ten facts covered in Old Bay.

What to Bring:

  • Yourself, in a positive, community loving mood
  • Friends, family and/or foes
  • Some water / soft drinks
  • A reasonable amount of alcoholic drinks (this tour is BYOB) - we're only on the water for an hour, so emphasis on the word reasonable. Your hosts are the only ones who should be screaming, cursing, and otherwise acting foolish (they are professionals).

Ground (and Water) Rules:

  • Be safe: you'll get a briefing upon boarding the boat; follow all safety rules and regulations and any instructions from your Baltimore Water Taxi crew.
  • Be respectful: we're all responsible for making sure everyone has a good experience; no heckling, bothering other guests, or otherwise rude or disrespectful behavior. There's no brig on this ship but we'll figure something out!
  • Be on time: the boat will not wait for you! Plan to arrive no later than 7pm so we can go over things with everyone and get on the ship promptly. This is Fells Point and parking can be busy - plan ahead; we'll be there early in case you are too!
  • No smoking of any kind is allowed on the pier or on the boat!

About your Hosts:

Katie Overbey (she/her) began her improv journey in 2018 under the guise of professional development as part of a class in grad school. She fell in love with the way improv could turn a group of science nerds into funny, cohesive performers and she's been hooked ever since. Katie has performed with various groups, including Babeprov in Baltimore and Game Knights at The Armory in NYC. She considers Highwire Improv her home base and when she's not doing improv, she's working as a food ingredient regulator, knitting, or snuggling her pets.

Misty Letts (she/they) stepped into the improv pool 6 years ago and has not looked back. She got her footing at Baltimore Improv Group through curriculum and workshops from various BIG instructors of the form. Digging into opportunities to learn from so much talent including Don Fanelli (UCB), Kate Zelensky (UCB), and Travis Charles Ploeger (iMusical- WIT). She has also enjoyed playing with Maryland Improv Collective and can presently be found camped out on Highwire’s front stoop. Misty she’s and is also a they/them and can be found on two wheels tooling about town, so drive carefully!

Barry Wright (he/him) is your dockside host and operations manager. Barry is an improviser, teacher, and technology professional. He is a co-founder of Highwire Improv and currently serves as President of the Board. He has trained in improv since 2017, including at Baltimore Improv Group, Hoopla Impro, and numerous online workshops. He performs with groups including Improv Jeoparty, Topiary, Important Screws, Whatever This Is, and Dreamweaver. Barry lives with his wife Kristen and their three cats and is always happy to chat about improv or start a Google Doc.

About Highwire Improv:

Highwire Improv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. Our mission is to steward a community of artists committed to growth, collaboration, joy, and justice — in Baltimore and around the world — through improvisational theater.

Event Contact

Barry Wright

Event Details

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


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