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Baltimore Rock Opera Society

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Baltimore Rock Opera Society

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2019-2020 Season List


November 8 - 9th

November 15th - 17th

November 22nd - 24th

8 PM - 11 PM

Peabody Heights Brewery

401 E 30th St, Baltimore, MD 21218

Join the Baltimore Rock Opera Society for our 10th Year Anniversary Celebration Production! Space Kumite is a live event that combines theater, music, audience participation, the spirit of professional wrestling, the flavor of 80’s action and sci-fi movies, and a dash of Homer’s Iliad. Welcome to the Ilion, a generational ship that was sent to colonize deep space unknown centuries ago, but something has gone wrong. The Ilion should have reached its destination long ago, but it continues to hurtle through space. The residents of the ship have devolved into factions to determine their fate, and things are about to erupt into all-out war. The ship's artificial intelligence, revered as a near deity by the crew, has determined that a choice will be determined through ritual combat: The Kumite. As a Space Kumite attendee, you are the crew. You will determine the fate of the Ilion through your love and your hate. Will you side with the Keepers, the Finders, or the Loopers?

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