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Release of New Book, luz

June 19, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland, Bhadradevi Press is pleased to announce the release of Elisa Estrella's new book, luz!

Luz is a collection of personal essays of one child's struggles and triumphs growing up in the barrios of Brooklyn, New York in the 1970's. The author shares cultural insights of a Dominican-American family, and it is full of love, laughter, and light.

Excerpt from book:

"At night women and girls would hang out their windows or head to the street with their babies in strollers. They leaned on cars or sat on beach chairs all to catch a fresh breeze. Voices could be heard telling stories about how good the island was: How on the island, we celebrated the Feast of San Juan or San Sebastian--there was always a Saint to celebrate. How if there were no official feast day, they would throw a barbecue and celebrate washing the car. How you could smell the rain before it fell and how the gray clouds hung over El Yunque Rainforest all day. How the sound of the Island’s little frog, El Coqui, filled the night air with song. What about the ocean? Someone would inevitably ask. Someone would answer the beaches on the west side of the island, like the ones from the town of Aguadilla are the best, and then someone from the east side of the Island would say no, the beach located in the town of Luquillo had the best turquoise water and was like swimming in a pool."

from El Barrio

Copies can be purchased for $15.00 plus shipping and handling and are available at 

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