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Afro House Concert No. 6

For Immediate Release

Contact: Alisha Patterson, Managing Director

Phone: (202)271-4889

Email: [email protected]


Baltimore, MD – August 27, 2018– Imagine the rich earthy thump of an upright bass times three, paired with a baby grand piano, and you’ve got the makings of an experience that will have you soaring sky-high in one moment and plunging to the depths of the ocean in the next. The compositions played by the quartet will be a blend of classical, soul and rock music that is futuristic, emotive and luxuriant. This is the Afro House Sound, composed by pianist and composer, Scott Patterson.

The Baltimore-based Afro House Concert Series is a celebration of the city’s extraordinary maker scene. Since starting the Afro House Concert Series in November 2017, Baltimore Magazine has recognized it as a noteworthy concert series. The series features composer and pianist Scott Patterson on piano, Afro House ensembles (including the Astronaut Symphony), special guests, and local food, beverage and tech makers. In September we will delight in wine crafted by local vineyards.

Afro House Concert No. 6 will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at Tickets include access to a fabulous selection of complimentary wine. The the location of the concert will be provided after a ticket(s) has been purchased.

About Afro House

Founded in 2011 by Alisha Patterson and Scott Patterson, Afro House is a Baltimore-based music driven performance art house. The organization is comprised of professional artists whose collective skills, knowledge and craftsmanship are channeled for the creation of art that disrupts normative ideas about human being. Musicians, dancers, designers, actors, image makers and writers push the boundaries of their own discipline so that each art form might effectively bleed into the next, creating something evolutionary.


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