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CALL FOR ENTRIES A Revolution Unfolded: A Survey of the NOW Featuring Illustrated, Printed and Innovative Surfaces


A Revolution Unfolded: A Survey of the NOW Featuring Illustrated, Printed and Innovative Surfaces

Curated by Jennifer Gray

This exhibition intends to ignite a conversation on what is happening NOW!

Baltimore Clayworks in partnership with the Urban Arts Leadership Program (UALP) present an

exhibition about representation, race and privilege. Curator and UALP Fellow Jennifer Gray asks

artists to explore Paul Revere’s 1770 engraving of the Boston Massacre, a duplicate print of Henry

Pelham’s original work of art. The re-creation has changed the demographic of the crowd depicted in

the scene. What impact did this change have on viewers? How does artistic representation of current

events impact history? This exhibition will be on view concurrent with Graphic Clay, an exhibition that

focuses on ceramic surfaces. By using a print as the inspiration, Ms. Gray is looking to connect other

artistic surface work and with thematic questions that ask artists to respond to the original engraving

and its reimagining by submitting work on the following themes:

1.) Omission: Echoing the dominant narrative of American history and in general, the victor of a

conflict, a narrative is written by the colonial elite.

a.) Omissions occur when important information is not reported or when reported incompletely to alter

the presentation of a story. When thinking of omissions in a news-context, facts that should have

been reported but are left out of the news we read, see and hear, result in a skewed or biased


2.) Credibility and Representation: The nature of photography can serve two functions: creative

expression and documentation.

a.) Interpretations of photographs and prints are based on presumptions viewers bring as they scan

the image. Although viewers surmise the objectivity of what they observe, their individual read can be

highly subjective. Prior knowledge and reason affect people’s ability to perceive photographs/prints,

as do personal values and experience. Many individuals rely on what they see to be truth. The

cascade of images we take in through new media sources, and the relative ease in altering these

images makes it imperative to question said images’ for their credibility and content they represent.

3.) Privilege: When engaging in the designation of propaganda who gets to decided what is

portrayed? Whose points of view? Whose agenda? And whose public opinion?

a.) Privilege is a right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or

group of people that has been built into our current society, due to traditions of colonialism that have

created the foundation for the social hierarchies we confront in today’s world.

As a response to Paul Revere’s historical engraving in a larger context of inclusion, diversity, access, and privilege, this exhibit will showcase a wide range of artistic media,

experimental, collaborative and installation based work. All work included does not have to be ceramic. This is an opportunity for unconventional methods of creating and

displaying artwork to be included. Potential submissions may include multi-media, artist-developed collaborations, paintings, photography, and other print based work.

Professional, novice and emerging artists are encouraged to apply!

● A Revolution Unfolded is open to artists who reside in the United States

● Work must have been completed in the past two years and must be for sale

● Additional paperwork will be sent to accepted artists after notification

● No more than 5 images (including details) may be submitted.

● Images submitted must be of work available for the exhibition, include image list with: dimensions, media and date created.

● Each image must be a JPEG (.jpg) digital file of at least 300dpi at 5x7 inches.

● Each image file name must be labeled with the artist’s three initials in this order: Last, First, Middle (use “X” if no middle initial) and the corresponding

● Send submission to: [email protected] with “A Revolution Unfolded” in the title.


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