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A Good Time to Celebrate

Executive Director's Letter
May 18, 2015

Right about now is a good time to celebrate the amazing work of artists and other creative professionals in Baltimore. First, congratulations to the 2015 Baker Artist Award winners.

The three Mary Sawyer Baker Prize winners are Paul Rucker, Wendel Patrick and Eric Dyer.

Paul Rucker is a self-taught visual artist, composer, and musician who combines media, integrating visual art with sound, original compositions, and live performance. His work is the product of a rich interactive process through which he investigates human rights issues, historical events, community impacts, and basic human emotions surrounding his subject matter.

Wendel Patrick is a composer and music producer who fuses together elements of jazz, electronica, and Hip Hop to create lush musical collages that are entirely and undoubtedly his own.

Eric Dyer is an artist, filmmaker, experimental animator, and educator, whose latest work is aimed at methods of re-inventing the zoetrope, a pre-cinema optical toy.

The three b-grant winners are Renée Rendine, Dominique Zeltzman, and Timmy Reed.

Renée Rendine is an installation artist whose work is constructed through a laborious process of weaving, braiding, or sewing of various materials that are activated in performance through a similar process of methodical alteration.

Dominique Zeltzman maps everyday moments through video and installation. Her work explores the stretchy exaggeration of time and sequence, duration, endurance, a daily litany of warnings and instructions, and the mundane practices that catalogue cycles in our lives.

Timmy Reed is writer, teacher, editor, freelance marketer and ad writer, tour guide, designer, and visual artist native to Baltimore.

GBCA also wants to congratulate two of our amazing Urban Arts Leadership Program Fellows. Amanda Morell has just accepted a full-time job at the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County where she had a fellowship placement. Maria Garcia successfully completed her fellowship with Maryland Citizens for the Arts and has landed a full-time job with the Central Baltimore Partnership. These are just two of our success stories, watch for more as the fellowships come to a close.

In the meantime, if you or a talented young person in your life is interested in the program, you can find the UALP fellow application for the 2015-16 program on GBCA’s website.

All the best,


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