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MAY 2016


Local filmmaker Matt Porterfield’s upcoming feature Sollers Point is seeking SAG actors for a feature film shooting in Baltimore in July and August of 2016.

Sollers Point is a film about one man’s return to society after incarceration and eight months’ home detention. As Keith, 26, reenters a community scarred by joblessness, drugs, and deeply entrenched segregation, he pushes back against these obstacles in a search for meaning and the means to build a life.

Positions are paid; the film is a SAG Modified Low Budget Scale.


JESSIE - 19-26, Caucasian Female - a stripper with a metal or electro-punk vibe, maybe a few tattoos

KELSIE - 19-26, Caucasian Female - on the young side, probably blonde, a little strung out

BUSY - 18-24, Caucasian Male - Tall, tough, quiet, slightly intimidating

GARY - 28-32, Caucasian Male - Well built; thuggish, a bit scary

HOLLYWOOD - 40-50, Caucasian Male - Older, overweight biker; not nimble; John Goodman/John Candy-type

RICK - 32-48, Caucasian Male - Fit, working class; likes to hunt; wears a baseball hat; average height; an everyman

SECURITY GUARD – African American Male - on the young side, not very threatening, doesn't want to work too hard

TATTOO – 35-45, Caucasian Male - Looks like he's been in jail for a long time/hardened; salty dog; LOTS of tattoos

CARL - 45-60, Caucasian Male - Greasy old perv, maybe a little overweight, baseball cap, white hair or balding

JOE - 40-60, Caucasian Male - a classic daytime drunk: a wisp of a man with longish hair

JEFF – 40, Caucasian Male - Blue collar Baltimore guy, slightly weathered

KARA - 6 – 12, Caucasian or Mixed Female - confident young girl with a good singing voice (some choir experience)

KENNETH - 26-29, African American Male - Tall, tough, intimidating; but funny when you get him started

JUICE - 23-30, African American Male - A big bouncer

JACK - 6-9, Caucasian or Mixed Male - Quiet, athletic, a little feral

BUD – 65, Caucasian Male - Baltimore accent, blue coller biz owner

RIHA - 60-78, Caucasian or Black - Old hillbilly type, feral but acts like the city mayor

JEHOVAS' WITNESS - 45-60, African American Male - Proper, religious, tall and dapper

CHARLIE - 40-60, Caucasian Male - spends his days at the bar, maybe on disability

MICHAEL - 60-75, Caucasian or African American Male - Retired steel worker, smart and funny with a casual, low-key humor

MEGAN - 20-40, Caucasian Female - unemployed couch potato, maybe a part-time student

ALICIA - 35-50, Caucasian Female - once a metal goddess

DAWN - 45-60, Caucasian Female - Conservative, Christian, but looks like a butch lesbian

DAVE - 40-55, Caucasian Male - spends his days at the bar, maybe on disability

GILBERT - 60-75, Caucasian or African American Male - Retired steel worker, smart and funny with a gentle self-deprecating humor

MONTE - 50-65, African American Male - Conservative, Christian, suffers no fools, loves his relative authority

SKIP - 60-75, Caucasian or African American Male - Retired steel worker, quiet

DERRICK - 25-30, Caucasian Male - Militaristic ex-gang banger

CHARLES - 25-40, African American Male - Athletic build, quiet demeanor

RENE - 35-50, Caucasian Female - Ex-addict, re-sells wholesale items for money

TOUSSAINT - 25-40, African American Male - Athletic build, polite but not someone you'd want to f*** with.

Please send resumes and headshots with inquiry emails to [email protected].

Your photo should be saved with your name as follows: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.jpg (not .gif, .bmp, .tif, etc.)

Matt Porterfield A native of Baltimore, Matt Porterfield has written and directed three feature films, Hamilton (2006), Putty Hill (2011) and I Used To Be Darker (2013). In 2012, he was a featured artist in the Whitney Biennial and the recipient of a Wexner Center Artists Residency. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Harvard Film Archive and has screened at Centre Pompidou, Walker Art Center, Cinémathèque Française, and film festivals such as Sundance, the Berlinale, and SxSW. Since 2007, Matt has taught film production and theory at Johns Hopkins University.


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