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“Miami is Nice” is a group art exhibition, queer performance series, and gay wedding celebration, inspired by the fearless irreverence of the hit television show The Golden Girls.
“Miami is Nice” will take guests to an idealized version of the warm and leisurely energy of South Florida in the 1980s, a decade primarily known within the queer community for the devastating aftermath of the AIDS crisis and the triumphant acts of perseverance which mobilized a generation to fight for recognition. Utilizing The Golden Girls as a symbol of strength, subversion, and profound acceptance, “Miami is Nice” continues that fight by offering a joyful and nostalgic escape from the struggles of daily life to an actualized paradise: a world in which love wins.

With the U.S. presidential election, and the recent closings of safe queer spaces in Baltimore, “Miami is Nice” will provide a temporary refuge for members of the community who have been isolated by these events. This public exhibition and series of programs will provide a safe space for artists and patrons, and spark conversations around what it means to live openly, create freely, and continue fighting for equality with LGBTQIA+ allies and art lovers.

Deadline to submit: Sunday July 16, 2017 11:59PM EST

Cost to submit: FREE

Email: [email protected]

Exhibition location: SpaceCamp

16 West North Ave Baltimore MD, 21201

More details and information on submission at WWW.MIAMIISNICE.COM


Is any medium eligible?

Yes, we want all your art, existing and new! Painting, photography, sculpture, installation art, etc!

What about the performance series?

Bring it on! We want dance, poetry, music, burlesque, drag, performance art, puppetry, etc. The weirder the better and the submission process is exactly the same. Send us photos of past works or samples of projects you have worked on as well as a written description of your proposal. The performance series will be held on select nights throughout the month of October.

Any dimension eligible?


If I live outside of Baltimore, can I submit?

Yes, however...If you live outside driving distance of Baltimore and are accepted, we will negotiate shipping costs on an individual basis. If you live within driving distance, we will ask that you deliver your artwork to the gallery space.

Do I have to identify as LGBTQIA+ to submit?

No, we will consider all artwork made by anyone! However, the queer experience is highly prominent in the exhibition and will be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Does my work have to pertain to The Golden Girls to submit?

No, but it should be loosely based on the Miami 1980’s aesthetic. Think: neons, pastels, bright, bold, tropical, 1980’s, Art Deco, excess, colorful, powerful and fun!

Does my work have to be framed?

While preferred, it not necessarily required, however, all 2D work must be hang-ready. 3D works must have a plan for presentation, with setup instructions.

I am an installation artist, can I install my installation? Or, I have an idea for a really awesome installation but I have do not have images, can I send you a proposal with sketches?

Yes, and YES! We are very open to the ideas of installation art being included in the exhibition.

You said that a wedding will be part of this exhibition, does that mean the exhibition is private?

No, SpaceCamp is a public gallery space and will have a public opening reception on October 7th, 2017. Spacecamp has regular open gallery hours, as well as a few programmed events during the exhibition. The wedding featuring the two lead organizers of “Miami is Nice” will take place one evening during the exhibition for a private audience.


Send an email to: [email protected] with

No more than 5 JPG images, not to exceed 6MB each

Each image must be titled “LastName_FirstName_TitleofArtwork”

Please also attach a PDF document with all of the following information within:

Full name or Preferred Artist moniker

Website (if available)

E-mail address

Phone Number

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Title, Medium(s), Dimension, Year for each of the artworks, and the filename of each image.

Prices for each work, if available for sale

How did you hear about “Miami is Nice”?

Deadline to submit: Sunday July 16, 2017 11:59PM EST


Artists will be notified of acceptance by Sunday, July 30th. Upon acceptance, artists will be notified of exhibition agreements, including drop off/pick up times, and sales of artworks.

All accepted works must remain throughout the duration of the exhibition (October 7 - October 28th, 2017).

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


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