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2018 S&R Foundation Washington Award

International Deadline: October 5, 2017 – Are you an emerging artist looking to further your craft? Since its inception in 2001, the Washington Award has recognized talented artists in the fields of, music, dance, and visual arts especially those who contribute to international cultural collaboration.


Winners receive an unconditional cash prize of $5,000 to support their career development.

An additional $5,000 may be awarded as a Grand Prize to an artist of outstanding ability.

Award winners become part of the S&R Foundation network of artists, scientists, and social entrepreneurs.

Award winners may be eligible for performances or exhibitions supported by S&R Foundation.


Application is open to artists least 18 years of age, worldwide.

Applicant must be working in music, dance, or visual arts including painting, photography, sculpture or interdisciplinary arts.

Applicant may not be enrolled either part-time, full-time, or finishing work in a degree-granting program.

Applicant must not have received an advanced level of recognition in his or her artistic discipline.

Applicant must have documented proof of having performed or exhibited during the past year.

Applicant must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from recognized authorities or professionals in the applicant’s discipline. The recommendations must be uploaded with the application package.

Applications must be received by October 15, 2016. All applications must include the following:

A completed application form.

The applicant’s biography, CV and photograph.

A sample photograph, recording, or video tape of the applicant’s work. (See specific requirements for each discipline.)

Two (2) letters of recommendation from recognized authorities or professionals in the applicant’s discipline.

The required essay.

S&R Washington Award Committee will not return entry materials nor assume responsibility for material submitted.

Applications will be reviewed in November and December and the winners will be announced in January 2018. The award ceremony will take place in March or April 2018 and we require all winners attend in order to receive their prize money.

S&R sponsors annual award programs, hosts concerts and events, and works with its partners to encourage social, scientific and artistic innovation, and to promote cultural and personal development. By supporting individuals and enabling their growth and success within various communities, S&R Foundation nurtures their ability, in turn, to enrich society with the fruits of their hard work and dedication.

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