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311 Gallery Annual FLOWERS & GARDENS Juried Show 2018



Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 4
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 4

Entry Fee (311 Gallery Annual FLOWERS & GARDENS Juried Show 2018): $30.00


Please read the complete Long Description for dates and other restrictions before submitting.


311 Gallery, 311 West Martin Street, Raleigh NC has been bringing color to Raleigh’s Warehouse District since 2007 and is now in the center of the vibrant art hub that grew up around us.

Our Main Exhibition Gallery hosts monthly shows: either a national show of juried works or the works of invited artists. In addition, 12 artist studios exhibit the works of over 30 resident artists. The 311 Gallery Gift Shop offers smaller works by resident and invited artists, including ceramic, glass and wood artists, as well as painters using a variety of media.

311 Gallery is centrally located 3-4 blocks from the Raleigh Convention Center and major downtown hotels. Our consistent advertising in the Art Guide, Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau information, TravelHost Magazine, etc., and our reputation for presenting a wide variety of styles all bring us visitors and purchasing patrons from throughout the Southeast, including Charleston, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Richmond, and indeed from across the North and South Americas.

The main goals of our juried shows are to introduce Mid-Atlantic art lovers to the diversity of work produced by contemporary artists and to inspire both artists and art lovers to strengthen our appreciation of all things art.


311 Gallery, 311 West Martin Street, Raleigh NC calls for A MAXIMUM OF TWO WORKS OF ART to be entered per artist into the July 2018 FLOWERS & GARDENS Juried Show. The show is open to 2-D or 3-D works of art that have never been previously shown at 311 Gallery.

Artists may interpret the show title in any way, and in any medium appropriate for a family-friendly art gallery. Style may be realistic or abstracted realism. The setting may be still life or garden.

The First Place Winner will be asked back in February 2019 to participate in the 2018 Juried Show Winners Exhibition.

REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED. All entries must be for sale and priced for sale. Entry must be submitted through Please review this entire document for dates and other restrictions.


{C}· Deadline for submission: May 18, 2018

{C}· Notification of acceptance to juried show: May 27, 2018

{C}· Accepted art may be received: June 28-30 between 12:00 and 4:00 pm.

{C}· Show dates: July 5-28, 2018

{C}· First Friday Opening Reception: July 6, 2018, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

{C}· Pick up of unsold art from the gallery: July 28, 2018 between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m.


Selection for the show will be based upon the average rating of three jurors based upon photographs of artworks submitted by entrants. Final judging for awards will be made by the three jurors after the invited artworks have arrived at the gallery.

1st Place $300: The First Place Winner will also be invited to participate in the 311 Gallery 2018 Juried Show Winners Exhibition in February 2019.

2nd Place $200; 3rd Place $100; Two Honorable Mentions $50 each


Our jurors are working and exhibiting artists. They understand the challenges facing artists while creating their works, and they understand what makes a work of art sing.

Jim Hallenbeck. Jim paints landscapes, cityscapes, and the people that inhabit them. Although painting realistically, he accentuates with bright colors to trigger emotion or spark a memory in the viewer.

Linda K. Eddins. Although best known for her oil paintings, Linda also speaks fluent acrylic, pastel, and watercolor. She enjoys traveling the world and translating what she sees as it is—or as it should be.

Susan K. Jones. Susan Jones studied art at Meredith College and received her MA from NCSU College of Design. She is an awarded fine art photographer that works with colored pencils to create vibrant hand-colored black and white photographs.


Submission of entry information and payment of entry fee must be made through CAFÉ (

DEADLINE for receipt of entry fee, entry form, and photographs of artwork

May 18, 2018.

Entry fee

$30 for up to 2 works of art (payable through CAFÉ [preferred] or by check made out to and sent to 311 Gallery). REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED.

Availability of art for sale

All entries must be available and priced for sale.

MAXIMUM Number of entries and photographs per entry

MAXIMUM of TWO original works of art (only 1 photo per 2-D work; only 1 or 2 photos per 3-D work). One photo is required for each work. For 3-D works only, and only if desired by the 3-D entrant, a second detail photo may only be uploaded. REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED.

MAXIMUM SIZE of artwork

The following outside-to-outside size limits include any framing (or base):

2-D: maximum width 32 inches; maximum height 72 inches

3-D: maximum width & depth 16 inches; maximum overall height 28 inches

Required digital images

One unenhanced digital JPEG image of each 2-D artwork (1 or 2 images only for 3-D artwork) MUST be submitted through  REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED.

Each JPEG image shall be not less than 1920 pixels on the longest side, not exceed 5 MB in file size, and show the work without mat or frame (unless the framing is an integral artistic feature necessary to complete the piece).


These Terms and Conditions include the submission and application restrictions herein.

Insurance for artwork

311 Gallery will not be responsible for damage or theft of works of art displayed or stored in, or shipped to or from, 311 Gallery. Exhibiting artists must provide their own insurance coverage.

Character of accepted artwork

Art shall conform to the description of the show. 2-D artworks shall be ready for exhibition, appropriately wired with D-rings ready to hang. See handout on properly wiring 2-D art for hanging at the exhibitions page on our website. NOTE: Single hangers and unprotected pastels are NOT allowed.

Three-dimensional work must sit solidly on a flat surface or be properly wired for hanging on a wall.

If works are not adequately prepared for display, they will be withdrawn from the show and declined.

Acceptance of artwork

REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED. 311 Gallery reserves the rights to (1) refuse any entry, (2) limit the number of accepted works per artist, and (3) withdraw any work from the exhibition at its discretion. REMINDER: 311 Gallery is a general audience/family-friendly venue and accepted art must be appropriate for that audience.

Photographs of artwork

311 Gallery reserves the right to photograph submitted artwork and/or use applicant photographs for educational, promotional, or publicity purposes. NOTE: 311 Gallery cannot actively prevent patrons from photographing exhibited art.

Agreement of artists

Submission of an entry constitutes agreement by the artist to all terms and conditions in this prospectus. REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED; for 2-D works, the maximum width is 32 inches; for 3-D works, the maximum width and depth is 16 inches and the maximum height is 28 inches.

Sales from this exhibition
All entries must be available and priced for sale.

{C}· Artists will set the price to be charged by 311 Gallery for sales of artwork in this show.

{C}· Artists will receive 65% on sales by 311 Gallery of artwork in this show.

{C}· 311 Gallery will retain a 35% commission and will pay the sales tax.

{C}· All sales shall be made by 311 Gallery.

Delivery of accepted artwork

Accepted artwork must be delivered to 311 Gallery between 12:00 and 4:00 pm on June 28-30, 2018. NOTE: Items to be shipped to 311 Gallery must be scheduled to arrive on these dates.

Artwork to be shipped back must arrive in reusable packing and containers. 311 Gallery will re-pack each piece in its original packing for return. Art must be removable without destruction of return packing materials so that we can easily repack it in the original packing and container. Put both your name and artwork name on your box, so we know which box goes with what artwork!

NOTE: if you do not have suitable art shipping containers, FEDEX and UPS have relatively inexpensive shipping boxes that protect 2-D art during shipping and can be reused for several shipments. More durable (and expensive) art shipping boxes with even more protection are available from many art supply houses, as well as Uline and other packaging suppliers. They may be reused for many shipments and are very cost effective if you ship items of the same (or smaller) size often.

DO NOT PACK ART IN LOOSE FOAM PEANUTS. Such packages will be returned unopened. Experience unfortunately shows that (1) foam peanuts do not adequately protect art from shifting, (2) art cannot be removed without scattering peanuts and requiring cleanup, (3) the art itself is in jeopardy due to the static cling adhering parts of peanuts to objects in the area (we have seen photographs rejected for awards because of specks on the photograph that were later determined to be specks from foam peanuts and we have seen art damaged by peanut abrasion), and (4) the art is practically impossible to return into the packaging in a secure manner. Further, the majority of the works of art that have arrived in damaged condition have been packed in loose peanuts (or other loose packing that can easily shift). Having said that, we have seen art successfully packed in a set of closed plastic bags of loose peanuts that prevented the art from shifting, kept the face of the art in the middle of the package, and did not allow loose peanuts to escape. We cannot accept items packed in loose foam peanuts!

A little tape goes a long way. It only takes a few short pieces to secure several layers of bubble wrap that has been wrapped around a painting. If you wrap a painting in so much tape that we have difficulty in safely cutting it to unwind bubble wrap, we will not open it—we will return it to you as is. We cannot and do not accept liability for damage to artwork that occurs while trying to unwrap it.

If you choose not to use a box that is made for shipping art, you can still pack it safely with minimal effort in a manner that is both easy for us to remove and easy for us to repack. Wrapping with bubble wrap a few times in one direction and then a few times in the cross direction will suspend the face of the artwork away from the side of the box and keep the corners of the artwork well inside the corners of the box—if the bubble wrap fills the box (or additional bubble wrap is inserted around the edges of the wrapped piece to keep if from moving. We also see artists protecting the edges of frames and paintings with sections of foam pipe insulation (or swimming noodles). Pipe insulation comes pre-slit to slip over the pipe, so it easily slips over the side of a frame. If the ends are cut at 45 degrees with a utility knife, the frame is completely covered. The basic idea is to keep the art substrate in the center of the box to limit the opportunity of being damaged if a box is punctured or dropped.

Pickup of unsold artwork or return shipping

At the conclusion of the show, unsold artwork may be picked up on Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm, unless other arrangements have been made. Artists who wish to have their artwork shipped back to them must provide prepaid return shipping labels, including any desired insurance.

Artists must arrange return shipping with their local UPS/FedEx/USPS or other shipping office at the close of the exhibition. Shipping insurance each way is the responsibility of the artist. 311 Gallery will not accept monies for shipping and is not responsible for works lost, stolen, or damaged once picked up by the shipper.

Check your local shipper for prepaid return labels, call tag systems, and printable internet shipping labels.

Artists may include the return label with the shipment of the work to 311 Gallery or provide the gallery with a prepaid label by the last day of the exhibition. Unsold art will be packed the day after the exhibition closes.

Due to the lack of available storage, unsold artworks not picked up by the deadline become the property of 311 Gallery, unless prior arrangements have been made. We appreciate your understanding of the need for timely pickup of unsold works.


Questions should be directed to [email protected] or Juried Show 3, 311 Gallery, 311 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

REMEMBER: ONLY TWO WORKS OF ART MAY BE ENTERED and there are size limits for both 2-D and 3-D art.


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