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Gutierriz Memorial Fund Legacy Grant

GMF Legacy Grant Eligibility

  • You are an individual artist, artisan, educator or arts organization.
  • You are a Maryland resident or Maryland-based organization whose programming serves local communities.
  • Your work is aimed at benefitting Maryland residents regardless of political or religious opinion or affiliation, marital status, race, color, creed, age, national origin, sex or sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability.
  • You are NOT a member of the Gutierrez Memorial Fund Board, selection committee, substantial contributor, participating sponsor or any person or entity associated with GMF, including their advertising and promotional agencies, and their immediate family members (defined as parent, spouse, child, siblings and grandparents).

GMF Legacy Grant Application Instructions

  1. Submit one (1) signed, original paper application postmarked by October 1st to: Gutierrez Memorial Fund Attn: Legacy Grant PO Box 4773 Baltimore, Maryland 21211
  2. All applications must be printed using 12 point font, single-spaced with 1”margins and on one side only.
  3. Images or other supporting materials must be submitted on a thumb drive. Items must be numbered and titled. A maximum of ten (10) images and/or supporting documents are allowed.
  4. The application should include a cover letter, the application, proposal narrative & attachments.
  5. The narrative section must not exceed four (4) pages. 6. For organizations, the Executive Director and/or Board Chair must sign the application.
  6. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

BEFORE APPLYING please review the Legacy Grant checklist. If you answer ‘no’ to any item, please contact us before submitting your application. We value your time and want to ensure your proposal meets our mission.

GMF Legacy Grant Checklist

  • Are you are Maryland artist, artisan, educator or arts organization? □ Yes □ No
  • Does your project serve Maryland communities? □ Yes □ No
  • Is your request for a distinct and unique project? □ Yes □ No
  • Can you confirm your request is NOT for an annual operating budget? □ Yes □ No
  • Does your project build community? □ Yes □ No
  • Does your project have permanence and/or transform the environment? □ Yes □ No
  • Can the project be completed between: January 15th – October 15th? □ Yes □ No

GMF Legacy Grant General Information

Gutierrez Memorial Fund (GMF) is committed to supporting the arts in Maryland by providing grants to dedicated arts programs, individual artists, artisans and educators whose work focuses on artisan training, community building, and enhancing our physical environment. GMF fosters visionaries with new ideas by funding emerging artists and newly established organizations that may be challenged to find traditional funding and where the GMF will make a significant difference. Raising the quality of life through the arts and transforming the built environment are key components in the work of those we fund.

  1. GMF offers an annual ‘Legacy Grant’ to an arts organization, individual artist, artisan or educator who is a resident of Maryland and whose program or project serves Maryland communities.
  2. Dates/Deadlines Grant Application Available:
  3. May 15th Grant Application Deadline: POSTMARKED by October 1st Application Review Period: November / December Grant Award Notification: January Grant Period: January 15th - October 15th
  4. Applicant must notify [email protected] the date the proposal was mailed.
  5. If you have not received a confirmation within one week of mailing, contact us immediately.
  6. GMF is not responsible for lost mail or consideration of late applications.
  7. Formal review will be conducted by the Board and/or review committee in November and December.
  8. The Board may request interviews and/or studio site visits as part of the application process.
  9. The Board may elect not to award a grant for any reason- or award more than one.
  10. There is no typical or established Legacy Grant award amount.
  11. The award amount is based on the financial resources of GMF & the applicant’s budgetary needs.
  12. GMF has awarded grants from $5000 to $27,000.
  13. GMF may, at their discretion, offer a Merit Award to a finalist if additional funds are available.
  14. The Legacy Grant recipient will be selected and formally notified, via email, in January.
  15. GMF will generate an agreement to specify the grant terms, requirements and payment schedule.
  16. Payments are typically phased in increments based on the project’s schedule and progress.
  17. The initial disbursement is released no earlier than January 15th.
  18. Grant recipient must maintain accurate records and submit reports, both narrative and financial documenting the project.
  19. Note: Progress payments are contingent on receipt of required submittals.
  20. Grant recipient agrees to acknowledge GMF whenever reference is being given to the funded program.
  21. Grant recipient agrees to present their Legacy Grant project on their website and remain a partner with GMF to promote the arts in Maryland.
  22. Grant recipient agrees to participate in and help promote the John K. Gutierrez Memorial Walk the year they receive their award. Recipient will give a brief talk on the project, present an illustrated project board and share their achievements with GMF supporters.
  23. Grant recipient agrees to represent themselves at our ‘Artists & Non-Profits’ table on the day of the walk to bring greater awareness to their work and/or organization.

GMF Legacy Grant Criteria

The GMF Legacy Grant is a project-based arts grant. Only those proposals requesting funds for a distinct project will be considered. Grants are not intended to cover an organization’s operating budget. The Grant Review Committee will evaluate each proposal on how closely it meets GMFs mission and the following considerations: Community impact/ transformation GMF’s goal is to fund projects that build community and transform the physical environment.

  • Does the project serve Maryland – and have a positive impact on the community?
  • Does the project reach a broad and diverse audience?
  • Is the work easily accessible to the greater community?
  • Does the project engage the community?
  • Does the project transform the environment? Permanence It is GMF’s goal to fund projects with permanence.
  • Does the project have permanence?
  • Does the work have a permanent location, i.e., for murals/public art projects, or result in something tangible, i.e., a published book, film, or recording which is available for sale or accessible to the public (at a retail establishment or online) for an unlimited time.
  • Has the location of the project been determined and/or approved? • Can you provide a letter of support from the property owner? Educational It is GMF’s goal to fund projects which provide artisan training and build skills.
  • Does the project have an educational aspect?
  • Does the project build skills or offer artisan training? Project Timeline It is GMF’s goal that funded projects are completed between January 15th and October 15th .
  • Can the project be completed within GMFs ideal timeline?
  • Has the applicant provided proper evidence of management / oversight to ensure a well organized & timely project? Need & Budget Requirements
  • Is the applicant an emerging artist or newly established organization? • Is the applicant challenged to find traditional funding?
  • Is the proposal for a new & unique program or project – one that has not been funded before?
  • Will current GMF resources support the applicant’s entire project budget? Or will the artist/organization need additional sources of funding to fulfill the project?
  • Are the costs to execute the project fully detailed, reasonable and appropriate?
  • Are other resources available to fund the project?

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