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MASB Community Art Matching Grant

Overview and Purpose

Historically, The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City (MASB) has invested its effort and money in the placement of works of art near schools, government buildings, and in the public spaces in Baltimore City. MASB has always been committed to supporting art and artists in Baltimore City and continues this tradition today. Recently, MASB expanded its board to become more representative of the city’s demographic allowing for a more diverse and inclusive perspective on the city’s artistic interests.

The purpose of the MASB Community Art Matching Grant is to focus on building a beautiful Baltimore by strengthening the vitality and sustainability of arts projects in communities across the city. MASB is offering matching grant funds for artists to activate or expand community engagement with a public art project that will continue to stimulate interest in art in the City of Baltimore and to encourage an appreciation for contemporary art that is openly accessible to all.

Types of Projects

The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant supports any of the following permanent or temporary public art forms:

● Stand alone sculptures and structures

● Mosaics, murals, wall-mounted sculpture, site furnishing, lighting and projections

The Matching Grant

The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant supports independent artists and small organizations with an artist led project by providing matching funds up to $10,000* per project. Grant applications submitted between January 5th - August 15th will be considered for a single award. MASB reviews submissions in March, June, and September. If compelled by the proposals submitted and funds available, additional grants may be awarded not to exceed 3 in a calendar year.


The MASB Community Arts Matching Grant is open to artist led public art projects seeking additional funds his matching grant is open to Baltimore City neighborhood and community-based organizations partnering with artists or artist teams (*NOTE: Matching funds up to $10,000 per project are available). The requirements are:

● The project must be an original work

● The project must be in Baltimore CIty

● Access to the piece must be free and open to the public

● Applicants must provide evidence of existing secured funds

● Permission to install the work in its proposed location must be secured and evidence of the same presented with the application.

MASB will support projects that demonstrate all requirements needed for installation/implementation. In addition to the proposed work MASB will review the applicable “non-creative” requirements needed for the effort. A sample of these “non-creative” requirements that your project may need to consider are listed below:

● Right-of-Entry agreement with property owner

● Equipment Rental Agreement

● Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Artist and Property Owner (site access schedule/timeline)

● Permit review

● Environmental review

● Certificate of Insurance

● Onsite Operations Manager and Personnel Manager

● Community Buy-in and engagement in the mural project

● Assessment of surface conditions and determine if historic restrictions surrounding site exit

● Local community outreach (Communities must have an opportunity to provide input/feedback on the project)

The Process

● Funds awarded shall not exceed 50% of the project

● The MASB Grant is only for direct project expenses as itemized in the proposal

● Applicants are required to complete and submit their applications electronically, including the use of an electronic signature. The grant request must allow a minimum of 90-days prior to the start of the proposed art activities.

● Lost, misdirected or late applications are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

● Applicants must meet all revision deadlines after submission, as specified in a written plan, or the application will be withdrawn.

The Application Requirements

■ Provide a plan for completing the project including a list of materials used and preliminary drawings.

■ Provide a budget and timeline to complete the project

■ Provide evidence of secured and needed funds to create and implement the project.

■ Describe whether the project is temporary or permanent and, if permanent, describe who will own and maintain the work.

■ Maintenance requirements for the project

■ Permanent art installation must be submitted to the public art commission and include all City approvals for installing a permanent work of art.

■ Certificate of insurance

Independent Artists Application Requirements:

● Preference will be given to lead artists residing in Baltimore City

● Lead artist must be over the age of 18

● The lead artist may not be enrolled in any matriculated high school, undergraduate or graduate degree program.

● Can be an individual artist or a group of artists if proposing a collaborative project (collaborative projects multiple artists working on a group project)

● Independent artists must produce projects in a community within Baltimore city that is accessible to the public.

DISCLAIMER: We are merely acting as a grant giving organization providing funding only (regardless of any advice we may give) and do not make any representation or warranties, express or implied, either in fact or by operation of law, statute, or otherwise, and specifically disclaim any and all implied or statutory warranties including warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose or use and/ or the safety, the appropriateness and the legality of installation, of any project, and/or the materials used in connection therewith, and/or the ability to present the project in a particular setting and/or the property rights pertinent thereto, and neither MASB nor BOPA nor their respective, officers, directors, employees or agents will be liable for any injuries, claims, loss, damage, defect, failure or complaint of any kind (collectively “Claims”) relating to any project or in connection with any such project, and the grant recipient(s) and their respective personal representatives, executors, heirs, affiliates, successors and assigns, hereby agree(s) to not only be responsible for any and all Claims but to indemnify upon demand both MASB and/or BOPA and their respective, officers, directors, employees and agents relating to any Claims. Under no circumstances shall title to any project transfer to MASB.

Review Criteria

The review of all MASB Community Art Matching Grant applications is based on successful evidence of the answers to the following application questions:

1. What arts project and geographic area will be supported with this funding?

a. In detail provide a Clear, specific, and thorough explanation of the proposed arts activity with detailed evidence of community relevance (engagement, intention and timeliness of the activity in relation to the defined community's needs) and public accessibility (availability to all).

2. What is the timeline for the arts activities?

a. Provide a Clear, specific and realistic timeline demonstrating delivery of funding, arts activity planning, and final implementation.

3. What is the overall budget for the arts activities, the source(s) of funding and the amount of funds from each source?

a. Provide financial information that is clearly tied to the proposed arts activity and indicates realistic expenses for its implementation.

4. What is the amount of matching funds being requested of the MASB?

5. How will the MASB grant funding be used? Provide a breakdown of expenses.

a. Provide financial information that is clearly tied to the proposed arts activity and must indicate realistic expenses for its implementation.

Notification & Award

MASB Community Arts Matching Grant applications submitted after the application period closes will not be reviewed until the next cycle. After the panel review, applicants will be notified of the grant status approved or rejected as soon as practical, and, if approved, receive a formal grant agreement form to process the grant payment (100% of award amount). Funds are awarded within 5 days of project selection

Grant Funds May Not be Used For: Re-granting; capital improvements or purchases of permanent equipment; acquisition of capital assets; activities that are principally recreational, therapeutic, or rehabilitative; travel outside Baltimore to present or produce art; projects chiefly for classroom use or in school activities; activities not open to the general public; scholarships awarded by the applicant for its own activities. Grant funds may not be used to make contributions to any persons who hold, or are candidates for elected office, to any political party, organization, or action committee; or in connection with any political campaign or referendum. Grant funds may not be used for any lobbying activities.

Grant Funds May be Used For : Expenses directly associated with the proposed eligible arts activities, including but not limited to artist payment/stipends, consultant fees; honoraria; contractual services; administrative expenses, transport, artist materials and supplies, space/venue/equipment rental.

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