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OCA Mocha Mural


This Public Art Mural is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the creative efforts of UMBC and the surrounding community by uniting people through artistic expression. OCA Mocha is a shared, multi-purpose space that fosters ongoing engagement between UMBC and its neighboring communities and promotes economic development in southwestern Baltimore County. By fostering social opportunities and economic development, OCA Mocha will be a catalyst to create genuine symbiotic relationships between UMBC and its surrounding communities.


OCA Mocha, in its mission to foster community, is developing a public mural that will be placed on the side of our building, visible for everyone to see as they walk by or into our space. Having the opportunity to create a mural gives us time to reflect on our community. Since the mural is for the people of our community, it only makes sense that we work in tandem with our wonderful OCA Mocha community to create this mural, which will be a testament to the interconnected nature of our unique locale; a bridge between campus + community and connecting diverse groups of people throughout generations.

Throughout this process, we ask ourselves: What does community mean to us? What message would you like to see displayed in your community? What would you like to see when you visit OCA Mocha?


The mural will be located on the side wall of the OCA Mocha building. The wall faces south/south-west and is adjacent to the main entrance of the cafe. The wall surface is brick and artists should be prepared to use this as the surface and have the ability to modify the project in case the mural is required to be affixed to a panel attached to the wall.

Site Specifications

The mural will be on the side of OCA Mocha that faces Poplar Avenue. It is an approximately 10’ x 15’ space. The mural will be created directly on the brick wall or on a panel attached to the

wall, to be decided based on the design and approval process. In the picture below, from ground to roof, and fence to edge is the 10’ x 15’ space for the mural:

Artist Eligibility

Artists, or teams of artists, interested in creating a two-dimensional mural to be completed in the early fall of 2020 should complete a proposal that follows the guidelines below. OCA Mocha encourages proposals from a diverse array of experienced artists.


● Create a piece of public art for an outdoor environment that reflects themes of community, history, and diversity behind UMBC and Arbutus.

○ This is what our community responded with when we polled for ideas:

■ People of different ages and races participating in Arbutus activities:

● little league baseball and softball

● Arbutus football and cheerleading

● the Arts Festival

● the Fourth of July and little league parades

● the snowball stand

■ Biodiversity of Arbutus and Maryland: flowers, birds, foliage, something that depicts a sense of life

■ Coffee cup with words flowing out (written in the steam from the coffee): things pertaining to UMBC, Arbutus/Catonsville/Baltimore community, activism, etc.

■ Diversity, inclusion, we are all one humankind, no one is illegal on stolen land, Black Lives Matter, all genders are welcome here, among other social justice mottos and visuals

■ People waiting for the train at the old Arbutus stop with the train approaching

■ A mix of past and present:

● The Thomas Viaduct in Relay


● Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department

● Arbutus Little League

■ A reflection of all the different nationalities that live in harmony together in Arbutus

■ The Sulphur Spring Hotel

■ Fourth of July parade scenes

■ Cowdensville

○ Here is what our team brainstormed:

■ The Arbutus Oak tree (a large white oak tree east of Arbutus in the middle of the I-95/I-695 interchange), centrally located in the composition, tying together diverse aspects of the community, past and present

■ Touchstones of Arbutus community history like the Hollywood Theater and the Firemen’s Carnival

■ Thomas Viaduct, a railroad bridge over the Patapsco River

■ Skyline with UMBC and Arbutus buildings

■ People of the community engaging with each other and with cultural touchstones of Arbutus and UMBC

● One of the people is with a dog representing the UMBC mascot, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

● Create artwork that engages community members and students with an interactive component, either in the creation of the mural and/or as engaged viewers.


Artists will retain ownership of design ideas submitted until a selection has been made and a contract is awarded, at which time the ownership of the design and the artwork produced will become the property of OCA Mocha. Financial compensation and insurance for completion of the mural will be made in accordance with the agreement between the artist and OCA Mocha. Applicants must submit a recommended future maintenance schedule and plan.

Application Requirements

● A narrative and design for the proposed concept is required with each submission. The narrative shall include the medium, timeline for completion, and dimensions of the proposed mural.

● All components must be electronically submitted via Dropbox to: [email protected]

● The project budget is not to exceed $2,500 for an artist or a team of artists. The budget shall include artist fees and supplies.

● Selection process and notification will be in late August/early September 2020.

● Supporting materials, including images and reviews of previous work are required. References for earlier projects are encouraged.

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