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Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative

Supporting pilot projects to demonstrate the impact of these low-cost activations and encourage cities to develop their own processes for implementing effective asphalt art projects.

The Asphalt Art Initiative grant program is designed to fund visual art interventions on roadways, pedestrian spaces, and public infrastructure in U.S. cities with the goal of:

Improving street and pedestrian safety

Revitalizing and activating underutilized public space

Promoting collaboration and civic engagement in local communities

Round 2 of the Asphalt Art Initiative was announced on March 2, 2021. The program will award up to 20 U.S. cities grants of up to $25,000 each, as well as on-call technical assistance from Street Plans. Grants will be announced by fall 2021 for projects installing during calendar year 2022.

Please refer to our currently funded Projects as well as the Bloomberg Associates Asphalt Art Guide to gather inspiration from successful asphalt art projects in cities around the world. The Guide includes detailed guidance and best practices for implementing similar projects, with cost- and time-saving advice on every step of the project, from site selection to implementation and maintenance.

Eligible Applicants

All U.S. cities are welcome to apply. Only one application per city will be accepted.

Project Teams may include various members (e.g., city agencies, nonprofit community or arts organizations, and/or individual artists or consultants), but must include:

Lead City Agency: Primary government agency with oversight of the project (e.g., Department of Transportation, Cultural Affairs, or other appropriate agency). Note: If the Lead City Agency is not the government agency with jurisdiction over city streets (e.g., Department of Transportation, Public Works, etc.), then that agency must be a part of the Project Team.

Fiscal Agent: An organization with 501(c)3 nonprofit status that can receive the grant funds and be responsible for managing the distribution and procurement required.

In addition, each application must identify which entity or individual is responsible project management (day-to-day coordination and implementation) and which is responsible for artistic direction (selection of artist/design, etc.). We understand that each Project Team is unique, so please do your best to represent the makeup of your team.

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