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Executive Director Newsletter 2/23

It's my pleasure to talk about a bright spot during the pandemic. Pangelica Hall has joined the GBCA team as the new Executive Assistant. This is actually Pan's return to GBCA. In 2016, she was our marketing and communications intern and helped transform our social media presence. Here's more about Pan, her artistic practice, and her GRL PWR collective.

A classically trained violist, Pangelica's production at its infancy began with arranging classical works for viola and string quartets. After being introduced to Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), she exchanged pencil and staff paper for Virtual Studio Technologies (VSTs) and synthesizers. This shift of mediums is what eventually gave birth to the hyper-Romantic Synthpop sound of Pangelica. Pangelica is also one half of the organization GRL PWR. GRL PWR is more than just a dance party. Originally founded by artist and musician Amy Reid as a response to the lack of womyn/femme DJs represented in the Baltimore music scene, it has since grown into a collective made up of two amazing artists based in Baltimore: Amy Reid, and Pangelica. GRL PWR aims to create a platform for a diverse array of artists and creatives, specifically: womyn, poc, trans, non-binary, femme & queer artists.

We are so excited to have Pangelica on the GBCA team!

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