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OCA Mocha Mixed Memories call for submissions

Calling all Creatives -
OCA Mocha is accepting submissions of mixed-media art that centers around the past and
present for the upcoming October ‘Mixed Memories’ Exhibition. Anything that shares memories
and stories that are of personal significance to the artist is acceptable.

Mixedmedia art allows us to explore different mediums while also unifying them. It gives us a
chance to reshape traditional lenses that separate art. Art has always been a way to create new
and old in the same space while also giving introspection into our lives and experiences. Right
now as we come into a new world, with new social change, new guidelines in our day to day
lives and new minds there is a heightened importance in being aware of the journey we take,
the challenges we face along the way and the choices we make.

We are all products of our past and present, who we are today could not be if it were not for our
past selves. New and old don’t exist as two opposites but as parts of a whole experience. Art
imitates life and our lives happen in different phases and looks all in one - mixed media art
imitates that same mix that exists in life.

At OCA Mocha, we’re invested in sharing different stories and perspectives from the community.
After this past year’s multitudes of conflict, we’d like to give space for people to reflect back on
times past and look forward together to our collective futures. OCA Mocha is looking for works
that show the new and old, whether it be a recreation of memories or a projection into the future,
we want to share the timeline that has shaped you.

Artists are invited to submit artwork— of any hangable medium— that uses a mix of mediums.
All artists, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best work.

***This exhibition will be in-person at OCA Mocha; 5410 East Dr, Arbutus, MD 21227***
Safety Protocols and Health Standards: This exhibition will be in-person at OCA Mocha

pending further COVID-19 related announcements from Governor Hogan, the University System
of Maryland, and UMBC. All changes will be communicated to participating artists. Health
standards involving mask-wearing and social distancing will be upheld while coordinating
pick-up and drop-off of artworks.

Important Dates:
- Deadline for submitting your work is Friday, October 1st, 2021
- Notification of Selection will be emailed by Sunday, October 3rd, 2021
- All artworks must be dropped off at OCA Mocha by Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Entry Fee: Free of charge.
Submission: The entry deadline is Friday, October 1st, 2020. Submissions must
- Contact information: name, phone, email, website, instagram (if applicable)
- Images of artwork to be considered
- Information about each artwork: title, FRAMED dimensions, medium, date
created, short description (if applicable)

Please submit above to OCA Mocha’s Art coordinator, Alexis Tyson, at
[email protected] with “Mixed Memories” as the subject line or fill out this form.

Eligibility: The call is open to all artists. All accepted work will be displayed online through
OCA Mocha’s website and Instagram. All images of artwork will be given by the artist.

Image Use/Copyright: OCA Mocha reserves the right to photograph and promote all
artwork accepted for this exhibition across media, including printed materials, gallery
website, and social media pages. All credit will be given to the artists.

Mission: OCA Mocha is a shared, multi-purpose space that fosters ongoing engagement
between UMBC and its neighboring communities and promotes economic development in
southwestern Baltimore County. By fostering social opportunities and economic development,
OCA Mocha will be a catalyst to create genuine symbiotic relationships between UMBC and its
surrounding communities. The Gallery at OCA Mocha is dedicated to promoting and
showcasing the creative efforts of UMBC and the surrounding community in its mission to unite
people through artistic expression.


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