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UAL Update July 31, 2018

Equitable Best Practices

-by Kibibi Ajanku

“Instilling workplace equity involves cultivating an environment where employees are treated fairly by management and, in turn, employees treat management fairly. It seems obvious. We’ve heard something similar since childhood—The Golden Rule. But what may seem obvious in principle is often not so apparent in practice.” -Jill Schiefelbein, How to Retain Employees: The Importance of Workplace Equity for Retaining Top Talent,

To position the arts sector-at-large for a successful future, each organization must do its part. Equitable and inclusive behavior is not just a nice thing to do. It is critical to structural long-term viability. The process often begins with the championing of policies and practices to ensure that ALL people have the just and equal opportunity to participate in administrative leadership. This, of course, does not happen by magic. Best practices include, among other things, building workplace intelligence and integrity through workshops, seminars, and trainings. Additionally, intentionally staffing in the hosting of fellowships as a way to strengthen the pipeline to equitable leadership.

Urban Arts Leadership is the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance’s fellowship program and messaging piece for greater equity and inclusion within the Baltimore arts sector and beyond.

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