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Executive Director’s Letter August 7, 2018

We know the arts scene in Baltimore is hot, and now it's drawing the attention of even more folks from around the country and world. A few weeks ago, The New York Times ran a piece on Baltimore –based musicians and highlighted how the city has informed their art. Check out the article here.

The arts are a major attraction for the city, the region, and the state. While we engage in many conversations about what makes Baltimore unique and acknowledge that challenges exist across all sectors, there is no doubt that artists of all kinds are drawn to the area, because there is a plugged-in energy. Baltimore is a small town, that is both parochial and worldly in its approach and artistic production.

Baltimore has world-class public events, storied institutions, and renowned writers. We are sandwiched between the crackle of impatience with historically-based contemporary injustice and the art made to shift and sharpen the dialogue around those injustices. This city is beautiful, sorrowful, hopeful, and exudes love. It’s full of people working on or for the arts. The act of creation engenders communities where people want to live and there are many people who want to live here. The art makers of Baltimore are building community and strengthening our neighborhoods everyday. Arts, culture, humanities are our most important shields and some of our strongest weapons.

Art allows us to be fully human, to understand ourselves, to think expansively, and to be creative. It gives children connections, tools for learning, an understanding of their singular value and potential power.

Yes, power and beauty right here in your own backyard. Take advantage of it, celebrate it, support it.

All my best,


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