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International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society Seeks Administrative Assistant


The Chinese Snuff Bottle Society of America, Inc. was formed in 1968 as the first society to honor snuff bottle collectors and to publish scholarly articles about snuff bottles. In action taken during the London Convention in 1974, the Board of Directors decided that the society should take on an international character by changing its name to The International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, reflecting worldwide membership and conventions. At this time there are approximately 330 members over the world and about one-third attend annual conventions. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization interested in connoisseurship related to Chinese snuff bottles with lectures by museum curators, dealers and other experts in the field of Chinese art or mineralogy. The president selects convention sites which are approved by the board based on museum holdings of Chinese art and snuff bottles and/or private collections. This is a five-day program. The assistant is invited to attend with all expenses paid when the program is in the USA so she can meet and interact with the members and dealers.

The Assistant’s job:

I. Financial Records

A. Keep records of all financial transactions. All records are sent to CPA for the preparation of Form 990 and Schedule A for non-profit corporations. Our CPA prepares the Personal Property Tax Form.

B. Bookkeeping, preparation and maintenance of ICSBS’s financial accounting and other organizational records.

C. Send Renewal Forms to current members April 1st or very soon thereafter for the year beginning May 1st and ending April 30th.

D. Send 2nd notice Renewal Forms to those who haven’t paid by June 15th.

E. Send 3rd notice in the form of a letter at beginning of August. (Those who haven’t paid by the time the Autumn Journal is published will not receive the Autumn Journal.)

F. Prepare list of dealers and auctioneer members to CA Design in Hong Kong for Journal published three times per year as well as mailing labels for worldwide membership.

G. Before April 1st, prepare a copy of the previous calendar year’s Treasurer’s report to the President for inclusion in the envelope, which contains Notice of Annual Meeting.

H. If member joins after January 1st, he/she receives a complimentary Winter Journal. If the entire year’s Journals is requested, charge $15 for Spring and $15 for Autumn issues.

II. Membership Records

  1. Maintain updated computer datafile and hardcopy cardfile of members. Inform President of any changes in addresses, deaths, or new members as they occur. Send an attached updated datafile which also indicates the drops in membership due to lack of paying dues at the end of December; this information is needed to prepare the January 2017 Directory and indicated in the Treasurer’s report at the Annual meetings in October and May.
  2. Send application form to prospective new members as requested.
  3. Send membership acknowledgments to all new applicants and renewals.
  4. Assist in mailing convention brochures and handle reservations and payments for attending convention programs.

III. Directory of Members

  1. Maintain a current list of all members worldwide.
  2. Supervise the publication of the members’ list for the annual Directory of Members published in January. This is broken down by individual Country and, for USA members, by states.

IV. Conventions

  1. Be in consultation with the President to review all costs connected with the convention for the purpose of determining convention registration costs.
  2. All monies should be sent directly to headquarters to record the amount and get authorization for Visa and MasterCards.
  3. Submit all information concerning registrations to the President.

V. Website and computer

  1. The daily maintenance of ICSBS’s website to assist members.
  2. Must be computer proficient on PC and Mac; software – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quick Books; File Maker Pro (or other database program); familiar with basic graphic design, and website design and management (like Squarespace) to keep information current and memberships along with Webmaster,
  3. Familiar with AV equipment, set-up and use.
  4. Update PayPal and keep records on the computer.


The person should be well-organized, attentive to detail, work cooperatively and collaboratively with a variety of people; hold office experience, bookkeeping and accounting experience, and good writing skills. The position is part-time, approximately 45-50 hours per month but more at peak times in April/May when renewals come in and prior to the annual convention in mid-to-late October. During peak times, it is necessary to come to the office more frequently to pick-up mail and update information. Salary varies according to time spent. The range is approximately $15-18,000.

Please send letter and resume to Berthe H. Ford, president – [email protected]

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