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Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network Seeks Executive Director


Executive Director

B/CAN, a new initiative spearheaded by the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), seeks an entrepreneurial, creative, skillful, passionate, and resourceful leader to develop, pilot, launch, and build a 10-year, multi-sector project to strengthen the city of Baltimore by fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable creative economy.

Spearheaded by the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), the Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network (B/CAN) provides and broadens access to opportunities in the creative economy for creatives throughout the city, and builds the city’s capacity to support creatives across racial/ethnic, gender, generational, and disciplinary boundaries. B/CAN is committed to serving a diverse population of creatives in Baltimore hailing from a range of disciplines (from art and design, crafts, to music, performing arts, film, media, to mixed-disciplines and self-defined), professional backgrounds (trained and self-taught, grassroots, and national/international practices), and neighborhoods throughout the city. Special attention will be given to underserved creatives of racial/ethnic, gender and socio-economic diversity. MICA affiliation is not required.

B/CAN is conceived as a 10-year and multi-sector effort with three phases: Phase I (first three years, to start in 2017) focuses on taking a city-wide pilot to scale, building service demand and supply, and demonstrating promise of creative enterprises; Phase II (middle four years) focuses on refining and expanding the model, integrating creatives and their enterprises in cross-sector city revitalization policies and work, assessing/documenting/disseminating outcomes and lessons for field building, and fortifying public will in supporting creatives; and Phase III (concluding three years) focuses on structuralized legacy planning and capstone impact study/knowledge sharing.

The key programs of B/CAN are designed to serve creatives, throughout the life-span of creative careers and enterprise development, in flexible ways and at the level of their interest and specific needs. B/CAN’s collaborative and inclusive approach honors the potential of creatives wherever they are situated and connects them to targeted resources to grow their imagination of goals and professional ambitions, in order to capitalize their talents. Concepts of program features will be shared with serious candidates during the search process.

B/CAN is a potential model for cities with rich creative assets but limited investment in creatives. The executive director position is ideal for a self-starting leader who believes in the fertile intersection of cultural and artistic creativity with economy and social equity.

Reporting Relationships The B/CAN Executive Director (ED) reports directly to MICA’s President, who may delegate supervisory duties to the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives from time to time during times of absence of the President. The ED serves as chief liaison to a B/CAN Community Advisory Committee and to the senior team at MICA. Because of its focus on a distributed network of service providers, the B/CAN plan projects a lean staff team, with two direct reports to the ED – a full-time program coordinator and a half-time technical assistance provider.

Job Status

Full-time, year-round, grant-funded position. Phase I three-year funding for the position in place.

Salary Range

$75,000 to $85,000 base salary, commensurate with experiences. Plus benefits,

Position Concept

The Executive Director serves as the team leader of B/CAN. In close consultation with MICA’s President and B/CAN’s Community Advisory Committee, the ED is responsible to for the development, launch, implementation, and growth of all facets of the initiative. Duties encompass project design and refinement; staff recruitment, training and supervision; program components creation and delivery; community engagement and partnerships development; marketing and media relations; outcomes assessment; and project knowledge dissemination. Fundraising is an essential duty of the position, with key assistance from and required coordination with MICA’s Advancement team.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Strategies Development, Operations & Management

• Lead the search, hiring, team building, and development of a small, top notch B/CAN staff. Supervise and mentor interns and grant-funded fellows who assist with B/CAN projects.

• Manage day-to-day B/CAN activities, including budget development and oversight.

• Working with MICA’s President and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, lead the evolution of B/CAN’s strategic and operational plans. Fundraising & Support Building

• Identify, cultivate and steward prospects and donors for investment in the 10-year initiative.

• Lead or assist in the development of funding proposals and grant reports in concert with the MICA’s Advancement team.

• Build relationships with and support from local and state organizations, City and State government officials, entrepreneurship support groups, and economic development groups. Program Implementation, Steering, Quality Control & Assessment

• Serve as chief liaison to B/CAN’s Community Advisory Committee and MICA’s senior team.

• Design the pilot, launch and refine the key B/CAN program components in Phase I (INCU-NET, ART- VANCE, ART-NET, and B/CAN MOBILE), and help evolve the vision and program elements of B/CAN going forward

• Develop, convene, facilitate, and expand the B/CAN partnership network of incubators, service providers, mentors, resource providers, community leaders, venture funders, and others.

• Develop B/CAN’s community relationships and partnerships in accordance with best practices.

• Oversee the development of B/CAN’s website and features.

• Review and oversee the refinement of the design and content of various curricula, programs and workshops. Serve as chief liaison to creative-startups for its accelerator license to B/CAN and the implementation of the licensed program.

• Design and implement a rigorous assessment program with metrics of success and performance. Engage staff and partners in annual review process, documentation of measurable results, and generation of recommendations to improve and increase impact going forward.

• Document, evaluate and report out on goals, methodology, strategies, and outcomes. Generate reports as required.

• Create and develop a B/CAN alumni network.

• Manage venture capital inquiries and opportunities to connect funders to B/CAN participants and businesses. Marketing, Advocacy & Program Representation

• Develop and implement marketing strategies, and related promotional materials. Drive awareness of B/CAN among targeted populations to be served, donors, influentials, and potential partners.

• Represent B/CAN in the city, the region, and beyond. Serve as an effective spokesperson to increase awareness and support, as well as to share and gain knowledge. Serve as an advocate for entrepreneurial support of diverse creatives and an equitable creative economy. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Executive Director of B/CAN needs to navigate with success among sectors and within big systems and grassroots environments, bridging expectations and inspiring trust at every turn. It is of utmost importance that this leader naturally embodies the values and commitments of the initiative. Key qualifications for the position include:

• Leadership style characterized by respect, trust, openness, optimism, grit, curiosity, and creativity, coupled with high energy, self-accountability, and a strong commitment to B/CAN’s vision and strategic priorities.

• A minimum of 5 years of experience in shaping and implementing programs, fundraising, and team supervision. Ideally the experience relates to the intersection of arts, artists support, urban communities building, and the creative economy.

• Exceptional organizational skills and demonstrated ability to prioritize required. Ability to control and move forward on several priorities simultaneously is critical.

• Deep knowledge of and affinity with the arts ecosystem required.

• Knowledge of and experience in business and budget management, entrepreneurship and start up strategies, marketing or related field required.

• Experience in delivering entrepreneurial support and education services strongly preferred.

• Experience and skills working with and within culturally, racially, and economically diverse communities, with proven commitment to equitable and sustainable partnership with communities that promotes co-ownership in project efforts and outcomes.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills required, blended with the ability to be an effective, engaged, and interested listener. A track record as an effective spokesperson, with interest and skills in social media and public relations work.

• Ability to be a catalyst, coach, doer, and problem solver, rallying others in a highly collaborative manner.

• Engaging, dynamic personality balanced by a low ego and calm demeanor.

• A minimum of a Bachelor degree, with a more advanced degree preferred.

Application Process

A review of applications commences immediately, continuing until an appointment is made. Applications should be submitted electronically (see Contact below). Full applications should include: a cover letter, a current resume reflecting work experience from college forward, and a list of names, telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses for five professional references. References will not be contacted without the candidate’s approval/consent.


Estevanny Turns, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

MICA 1300 W. Mount Royal Ave Baltimore, MD 21217

E-mail: [email protected]

Employer Name:
Estevanny Turns
Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]

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