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Arts Council of Calvert County Seeks Executive Director

Arts Council of Calvert County

Executive Director

Position: Executive Director

Responsibility: Reports to Board of Directors for the implementation of policies and programs approved by the Board of Directors

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree preferred

Interest and experience in the arts

Fund raising and organization development skills

Skills in advocacy and partnership building

Experience working with non-profit and/or volunteer organizations

Excellent writing and speaking skills

Must be able to work independently

Word-processing skills necessary (WordPerfect 6.0 & Windows 95)

Familiarity with Quicken, Corel Draw, PageMaker, Adobe (Photoshop)

Administrative Duties

The Executive Director serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Arts Council of Calvert County and is responsible for development and maintenance of the budget; development and implementation of long-range financial strategy; guaranteeing the sufficient flow of funds; overseeing and planning all programs and special initiatives; and effective management of general operations. The Executive Director also serves as Chief Administrative Officer for the Board of Directors and its various committees.

Specific duties related to administrative include:

Planning and coordinating, with Board President, and attending all regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

Participating in special programs, projects or such other activities as may be considered beneficial by the Board.

Directing, supervising and managing all Council programs and services.

Preparing annual budget in cooperation with Board; managing the Council’s operation in accordance with approved budget; overseeing appropriate financial procedures; in conjunction with Treasurer and auditing firm, preparing for regular audits.

Instituting proper and appropriate management controls; and maintaining financial and other records as may be required.

Coordinating the Council’s granting process.

Assisting the Board in the development of sound organizational policies in providing information as may be required and bringing to the Board’s attention matters requiring policy decisions, clarification or revision.

Preparing annual programs as necessary.

Serving as ex-officio, non-voting member of all committees as a professional resource.

Assuming other duties which may be assigned by the Board.

Planning Duties

The Executive Director is responsible for identification of significant issues and trends which affect the environment for cultural growth in the region. S/he is expected to position the Council as a leader in the artistic community by shaping the Council’s response to current issues and trends. With the Board, and input from the arts field, the Executive Director creates strategic plans to assure the Council’s success in achieving its mission.

Specific duties related to planning include:

Maintaining active and continuing interest in all projects and services of the Council and provide direction, coordination and supervision as indicated by goals and polices of the Council.

Developing, with the Board, a long-range strategic plan.

Planning and implementing Council meetings, workshops and projects.

Participating in special programs, projects or such other activities as may be considered beneficial by the Board.

Liaison Duties

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring responsive communications between and among the Arts Council of Calvert County, other councils and other organizations. The Executive Director represents the Council at public events, conferences and other events as required to achieve program and financial goals.

Specific duties related to liaison include:

Promoting and maintaining working relationships with public officials, other Councils and other such organizations involved in the arts.

Assist in promotion of state or local community programs and projects.

Serving as a liaison agent to help coordinate effective and smooth relationships between local, state and national arts organizations and associations including attending meetings when appropriate.

Participating in community planning for the arts through membership in professional organizations.

Public Relations Duties

The Executive Director is responsible for the development of a sound public relations strategic plan and guiding all public relations efforts to assure the Arts Council of Calvert County’s success in achieving its mission.

Specific duties related to public relations include:

Maintaining a clearinghouse of up-to-date information on the arts and making referrals as necessary.

Assuming leadership for increasing public awareness and understanding of the arts through preparation of special materials such as pamphlets, brochures and reports.

Preparing and distributing quarterly newsletter and media releases to newspapers, radio and television.

Accumulating and distributing information so that Council members and other citizens can be apprised of recent developments on local, state and federal levels.

Fundraising Duties

The Executive Director is responsible for the development and implementation of long and short-term strategies for raising funds to support the organization’s programs and operations. With assistance of the Board, the Executive Director will seek funding from appropriate public, corporate, foundation and individual resources.

Specific duties related to fundraising include:

Recommending and implementing strategies to assure that the Council has the financial resources needed to accomplish its mission.

Recommending, and upon Board approval, prepare grant applications including researching grant sources and other funding possibilities.

Implementing, coordinating and conducting Council fund raising activities as determined by the Board of Directors.

Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
Interested persons should send a resume and cover letter no later than June 1, 2017 to: Search Committee Arts Council of Calvert County Post Office Box 2569 Prince Frederick, MD 20678 [email protected]

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