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Baltimore Rock Opera Society Seeking Part Time Production Director


The Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s Production Director manages timelines and budgets for production including original rock operas, festival performances, one-night parties/performances and special events. The Production Director is responsible for overseeing and staffing department leader roles for production. The Production Director is a resource for BROS’ creative teams, connecting them to the materials, budgets, and information that they need to complete their quest.

Specific Duties

Works with other Staff, Captains and show leaders to establish production roles, choose heads of creative departments, and fill all show production positions.

Helps to manage the production team and works with them to incorporate their work into the BROS aesthetic on a show-by-show basis.

Oversees the Production workgroup in creating and executing work plans and project deadlines.

Creates and tracks budgets for all departments in the Production workgroup;

Coordinates load-in/out and tech weeks for all productions.

Follows up with show creators and writers to hit creative deadlines to follow the BROS seasonal timeline.

Coordinates with the BROS Artistic Council to choose show concepts and set timelines;

Participates in Staff discussions of which venues, performance opportunities, festivals and tour stops are booked by BROS.

Contributes production expertise to grants, project proposals, and contracts.

Sets performance targets for BROS Production teams and evaluates the BROS production staff after every show. Presents outcomes and conclusions from these evaluations to other Staff.

Part-time Production
Employer Name:
Baltimore Rock Opera Society
Job Title:
Production Director
Job Submission Requirements:
Please submit all applications through

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