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Non profit Organization Volunteers Needed

Art Health & Healing (AHNH) is a non-profit, multi-dimensional, art-based program that will work in a variety of ways and on several fronts. It encompasses healing art workshops set up at patient care facilities, but it also intends to take its concept on the road. By creating a series of traveling wellness art fairs and exhibitions, AHNH will be able to reach a significantly larger population and fulfill the promise of healing through art on a greater scale.

AHNH will provide patients with resources to lower anxiety, improve healing and recovery, and demonstrate the influence that art has on our own restorative mechanisms. The organization will count on the support and participation of a wide spectrum of professionals including artists, art educators and students, gallery owners, and museum curators. These experts will interact with art therapists, psychologists, and medical professionals of all levels to bring the necessary components together, resulting in the greatest healing benefits available for the largest number of patients.

Salary Range
Employer Name:
Art Health & Healing
Job Title:
Non profit Volunteers Needed
Employer Contact Information:
Paul W. Braswell, RN
Job Submission Requirements:
Non profit volunteer experience helpful however not required. It is essential the Volunteer is in line with the AHNH goal. The overall goal of AHNH is to design programs that position art as an essential ingredient in healthcare, and to one day make art a universally recognized healing tool that will go hand-in-hand with any wellness treatment—so that blending art with medicine will be as commonplace and well-documented a curative as any prescription drug.HNH primary goal is to use Art to reactivate creativity. If you feel inspired after reading our goals please do not hesitate to reach out to Paul W. Braswell, RN 410-795-1152
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