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Maryland Mosaic Project seeks Administrative Assistant

Job Description

Administrative Assistant for Maryland Mosaic Project

Sponsoring organization: Maryland’s Four Centuries Project

Burt Kummerow, Founding Director, Mary Blair, Strategic Director

Starting September 2022, 20-25 hours a week for 40 weeks. $20 per hour

This is a one-year appointment on a contract basis with opportunity to continue after 2023.

The Administrative Assistant will work with Burt Kummerow and Mary Blair to make publicity for the project effective and to assist a working committee in its task of shaping the final selection.

Summary of the Maryland Mosaic Project

The Maryland Mosaic Project will be a collection of 80-100 people, events, places, objects or documents (called “Mosaic pieces”) that illustrate the State’s contribution to the evolution of the nation. The collection will be completed by late 2023 and will be featured in statewide programs and presentations as part of the US 250th anniversary in 2026. The Initial Phase 1 of the project will be to assist a selection committee to curate Mosaic Pieces submitted by organizations wishing to participate, select those Pieces that meet the guidelines, and create a composite picture of the many contributions made by Maryland to the public’s understanding of the US. The Mosaic will include familiar aspects of Maryland history (railroads, the Star Spangled Banner) and many untold stories. The final Mosaic should encompass the entire state and all 250 years of US history.

Assist the selection committee in creating the final Mosaic

  • Manage applications from statewide organizations to be considered as Mosaic Pieces
  • Help publicize the project to organizations who might wish to participate
  • Develop management system for applications so that they can be sorted by area, topic, century, etc. and can be easily retrieved
  • Help plan for committee meetings both in person and digitally
  • Schedule meetings with participants
  • Provide committee members with appropriate documents
  • Take notes at meetings
  • Assist committee members with queries and information

Manage website for Maryland Mosaic Project.

  • Promote entries into the project
  • Update information on project
  • Receive entries from website and collate them into an organized structure

Use technical proficiency to maintain digital communications, Facebook, emails, web presence

Assist Burt and Mary with overall management as needed

Important Skills and Abilities

  • Some understanding of and interest in Maryland history
  • Technical ability to work in modern digital media
  • Familiarity with Facebook; familiarity with Wordpress in maintaining a website
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to organize and manage large body of information – both on line and in hard copy. Be detail oriented.
  • Ability to maintain collaborative relationships and interact effectively with members of the selection committee
  • Ability to manage logistics and coordinate meetings of the committee
  • Good communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Some previous office experience is valuable

Education and experience

  • BA in history or related field
  • Masters candidate in Maryland university a plus
  • Project management experience

What we are offering
Flexible working hours; $20 per hour for up to 25 hours a week
Contract basis
Opportunity to engage with the cultural historical community in Maryland
Have an excellent position to continue to work in this area up through 2026.
Office based work in the Baltimore area; not all work can be done outside of the office

Next steps
Submissions will be reviewed and a candidate pool formed. We will send more detailed information about the Mosaic project to candidates.
An interview with Maryland’s Four Centuries Project board, in person or by zoom
Personal meeting with final candidates is required.

To Apply please forward a cover letter of interest and resume via email to
[email protected] with subject line as “Project assistant”.

Salary Range
Employer Name:
Maryland Mosaic Project
Job Title:
Administrative Assistant
Benefit Package

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