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Love & ROAR! Baltimore Rock Opera November Production seeks Designer/Production Team Members

Love & ROAR! is a kaiju romantic comedy. Written as a love letter to the Japanese and American giant monster movies such as Godzilla, Ghidorah, King Kong & Gamera as well as the 90's and 2000's Rom-Com genre. This mashup will be an incredibly fun and heartwarming night of musical theater. Baltimore Rock Opera seeks multiple production positions for the show.

The show will take place over the first 3 weekends of November 2022 at a venue in downtown Baltimore.

Detailed descriptions can be found at

Open positions include:

  • CAST - Auditions taking place on July 22nd and July 23rd at 3107 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218. Email [email protected] to sign up for an auditions slot
  • Production Manager - Helps to ensure that all visual, production and scenic elements are designed according to the show's needs and arrive on time for a successful and thrilling show.
  • Scenic Designer - Create the sets and backdrops for Bay City. Incorporating needs for "the ancient ones", their puppeteered miniature counterparts, and the human characters.
  • Creatures Project Lead - A project leader who will create 1-2 of the primary monster/creature characters under the direction of Lead Creatures Designer Chris Reuther. We are looking for designers/fabricators who can help bring our monsters to life! Looking for folks with some of the following skills: Crafting, Sewing, 3D design, model-making, latex props, cosplay, foam sculpting, painting, illustration. We are planning to find 3 project leads for a 4 person monsters/creatures team.
  • Dramaturg - Subject expert to help creative team engage with the source material (Romantic Comedies, Kaiju films)
  • Projections & Video Designer - Designs and integrates Projections, Screens, cameras and video content into the larger production design. This design will involve live camera feeds
  • Puppet Designer/Fabricator - Create a gigantic Trilobite puppet for this show

For all inquiries email [email protected]

Salary Range
Design Production
Employer Name:
Baltimore Rock Opera Society
Job Title:
Designer/Production Team
Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
Email [email protected] with a statement of your interest in the position and list of relevant experience.
Benefit Package
Small stipend will be paid for all production team positions.

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