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Maestro Ensembles, Inc. seeks Director of the Bridges Program

About the Bridges Program: Bridges is a small non-profit that provides stringed instrument lessons and an orchestral experience to students in Baltimore City Schools. The Director position is a part-time, contractual job that requires on average approximately 18 hours per week. MAESTRO Ensembles, Inc. (which oversees the Bridges Program) is an equal opportunity employer.

Bridges Director Job Description: The Bridges Director will have primary responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the program, both educational: planning, implementation, and evaluating the instruction and educational content of the Bridges Program, and administrative: maintaining all records of sites, teachers, and students/families, facilitating communication with all constituencies, tracking finances, and reporting to the board of directors.

Specific Educational responsibilities will include the following:

1. Supervision of program teachers:

  • Recruiting appropriate program teachers and assistants
  • Planning and scheduling professional development activities for teachers
  • Scheduling site recruiting sessions with teachers
  • Participating in teacher evaluation

2. Oversight of educational content/curriculum:

  • Monitoring consistent implementation of curriculum
  • Assessing need for modification of curriculum elements
  • Choosing orchestra music with assistance from teachers
  • Coordinating music for performances with assistance from teachers

3. Development of strategic relationships

  • Assuming a proactive role in establishing relationships with other music education providers which will result in increased high-quality opportunities and experiences for Bridges students

Specific Administrative responsibilities will include the following:

1. Establishing and maintaining relationships with appropriate site partner staff:

  • Meeting with site program administrators to plan programs for the year (needs, cost)
  • Creating agreements for each partner and getting signatures.
  • Maintaining communication with site partner about all events
  • Keeping site partners informed of any concerns with students or families

2. Managing finances:

  • Drafting the annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors
  • Collecting all tax information from teachers for payroll
  • Collecting invoices from teachers and submitting payroll requests to treasurer

3. Maintaining instrument inventory:

  • Delivering instruments to sites, keeping track of who has the instruments
  • Collecting any instruments needing repair and either making minor repairs or taking the instrument to repair person
  • Purchasing any new instruments and supplies as needed
  • Collecting all instruments at the end of the season and assessing them for summer repairs and/or storage

4. Supporting board activities

  • Preparing reports as requested regarding program activities and events
  • Helping with any fundraising events

The Bridges Director reports directly to the MAESTRO Ensembles Board and should:

- Consult with the Board to develop relationships with new sites

- Stay informed about current trends and activities regarding other programs providing opportunities similar to the Bridges Program

- Attend conferences and workshops about music education for underserved children when available and appropriate.

Salary Range
$20,000 - $30,000
Employer Name:
Maestro Ensembles, Inc.
Job Title:
Employer Contact Information:
Job Submission Requirements:
Experience and/or educational background in music education, working with children, and program management are preferred. Position requires a car. Send a resume and letter of interest to Betty Gailes, [email protected] and Rosemarie Paull, [email protected]. Deadline: July 22, 2022
Benefit Package
This is a part-time contractural job.

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