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Horticulture Playwrights Workshop seeks Playwrights

Horticulture Playwrights Workshop seeks playwrights with an as-yet unwritten idea for a full-length play for participation in their 2023-24 cohort.

HPW supports the development of new, full-length plays by playwrights in the Greater Baltimore region for Greater Baltimore audiences by providing the essential safe space, time, and structure for artists to experiment and bring their new plays into the world.

Selected playwrights receive a stipend ($2,000) along with feedback, hands-on support, and readings of their work.

Each Horticulture Playwrights Workshop cohort is made up of two playwrights, a dramaturg, and two directors connected with each playwright for the duration of the Workshop. The year-long program of meetings and readings sets manageable deadlines and creates ample room for a long iterative creative process. The input of the dramaturg and directors is key to the playwrights’ writing process: the dramaturg helps the playwrights to explore the thematic and structural options for their plays, while the directors help the playwright to understand how the script would function as the basis for a live production - the ultimate goal of a playwright.

Playwrights hear their work out loud twice over the year: first at closed table reading with actors at the midway point and in the final public Staged Readings after rehearsals. These readings provide new feedback from the performers and audiences and offer the playwrights the chance to gain a new perspective on their work. From beginning to end, the process adapts to serve the needs of the playwrights as their scripts develop.

Applications for the 2023-24 cohort are open through August 28, 2023.

Full program info and application available here:

Questions? Contact Program Director Abigail Cady: [email protected]

Salary Range
Employer Name:
Horticulure Playwrights Workshop
Employer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Job Submission Requirements:
Apply online: The application is a chance for you, the playwright, to introduce yourself and your idea to us and to get a sense of whether Horticulture is the program for you. There are multiple options for completing the application components - please fill out the combination you feel best represents you and your work! There are four components to the application: ASSESSMENT: a set of questions to determine whether your goals and the goals of Horticulture align. BACKGROUND: a set of questions to provide information that helps Horticulture meet you where you are. PITCH: the outline/sketch/rough notion of the idea or concept you want to develop into a script over the course of the program. SAMPLE: an introduction to your artistic voice.
Benefit Package
Selected playwrights receive a stipend ($2,000) along with feedback, hands-on support, and readings of their work.

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